Why is the growth of Smartphones important for Social Media Marketers?

Why is the growth of Smartphones important for Social Media Marketers?
Kudos to those who first designed the feature “Responsiveness” to UX/UI [User Experience/User Interface], they sure made using mobile devices cooler than you assumed just for phone calls and iMessage.  

Right now, the world would be rather impatient to sit down in front of a flat-screen computer all day doing their online business, forgetting every other possible need to multitask like the baby boomer generation. 

I’m sure I'm speaking everyone’s mind when I say that whoever invented the smartphone must be celebrated, right? Imagine the complex and other possible things you could do with your smartphone asides from taking calls, messaging, or photographs.

You can simply access websites, use the memo log, share large files, design graphics, use a calculator, access your social media, read e-books, and almost everything else, well, asides that you still need to use the restroom by yourself. I'm just super glad I came in time to witness this generation and the growing phase of it. 

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What about smartphones? 
Let me help juggle your memory a bit. Do you remember a time when you had a mobile phone, but accessing a website would be done but having an alignment of distortion? When all you could send via text messages were text format? Did you even remember the colour of the ink display looking almost like a calculator?

All you could do in the email was type texts, and you couldn’t attach files. How about the fact that all you could do for social media is a text message, and read non-responsive websites all day? And for my game lovers, in retrospect, how could you have judiciously played those mobile games? Ok, compare it with what we have today, smartphones! You smiled, right? Exactly what I did here. 

Did you know that there were only roughly 3.668 billion smartphone users in 2016, but there are now over 6.648 billion, accounting for 83.96 per cent of the world's population, up from 49.40 per cent in 2016? Statista has confirmed these statistics. 

Why are smartphones so important? 
Communication is the key factor to owning a phone; a smartphone on the other hand is a better-skilled mobile phone carefully designed to cater to a wider range of needs which is co-dependent on how maximal you explore and utilize the device. 

Smartphones in recent times are considered for some IoT [Internet of Things], Events/reminders, Phone photography, Virtual meetings, Graphic designing, social media management, GPS navigation/mapping, live streaming, video editing, and an endless list of exploration. 

Having a smartphone right now is very important now; so much that if you forget your mobile phone at home, you would feel its absence in your routine. 

What is social media marketing? 
Social media marketing is the new use of digital marketing through social media via the online space. This means that you can simply use any of your social media platforms but then infuse marketing into it. 

It has been observed that the world would rather engage in a business relationship when the environment is more friendly than when the intent is clearly to close a sale [traditional marketing] 

Social media marketing is the new mode to get a wider range of audience. All you have to do is get the right content, look for a strategy and do it so well that your chances of customer conversion are high. 

Why mobile phone is important for digital marketing? 
Website designers and developers have been charged to create responsive websites that enable prospective customers, or just active users the opportunity to navigate through their webpages on their mobile phones without any possible hitch. This is as a need of high demand considering the number of smartphone users' statistics, as against the PC [Personal computers] 

Smartphone active users are good enough reason that digital marketing gets more interesting by the day.  

How has the smartphone impacted digital marketing? 
The understanding that you can have people’s attention almost 24 hours of the day through the smartphone as against the other modes of marketing is good enough a reason that digital marketing is the new deal. 

Smartphone has impacted digital marketing positively as customer reach is higher, customer engagement is higher, customer CTA [Call to action] is higher. 

Why is the growth of smartphones important for social media marketing? 
I guess with the two sub-topics above, you can easily decipher that the ripple effect or the synergy of smartphone demand and social media marketing easily translates to an increase in possible market penetration. If there is a medium to reach the audience, every marketer would know how and where to go; all that is left is how best to convey the message to the audience, and that comes with marketing strategies. 
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