Why is the Vape Blinking Possible Solutions

Why is the Vape Blinking Possible Solutions
Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular among smokers every year. These devices come with indicators. When you inhale, an indicator on the end illuminates to simulate smoking.

Moreover, the device's power button has an indicator that occasionally blinks. Seasoned users of vape devices frequently do not worry about this since they understand what the gadget reports, while new users worry because they do not know why the e-cigarette flashes.

How Come a Vape Device Can Blink?

Every day, improvements and refinements are made to the Best Vape Pens of 2023: The Best Vape Pens for Any Vaper. As a result, today's vaping devices not only control the amount of vapour and the softness of the throat hit, but they may also alert the user to potential problems.

It is crucial to recognise these signs as soon as they appear if your e-cigarette flashes, alerting you to something. The first step is to count the number of flashes.

It is conceivable for the following occurrences to happen if the indicator blinks ten times:
1. The power source has to be charged; if the vape pen blinks continuously for ten seconds, the battery is probably low. It is possible to confirm this by observing a decrease in the amount of vapor and an increase in the difficulty of inhalation over time.
2. It can flicker if the user does not press the button to turn the device off. It happens most often if the device is not fully turned off when not in use. The vape device's indicator blinks or remains lighted in such circumstances.
3. The device may also blink when you take frequent and prolonged puffs. No more than 16 puffs, lasting around 5 seconds each, should be produced in a minute. The protective device will automatically activate if you inhale additional smoke.

Also, examine the colour and wink frequency more closely.

Potential causes for the device to blink three times include:

When the device is constantly turned on and off;

  1. Short circuit; there is a chance of a short circuit when the atomiser is tightly screwed to the construction; 
  2. The contact on the power supply is loose. Blinking is frequently seen when a vaper independently changes some element of the device or completely assembles it from parts of different manufacturers with different parameters.
  3. Many modern vape pens also offer a self-cleaning feature. The indicator illuminates 20 seconds as a notification when this activity is initiated. However, the device should not blink during this time. 

What to Do When a Device Flashes?

The causes of this phenomenon will determine what to do in the event of a blinking device. The first step is to turn off the gadget when the origin cannot be determined. If the indicator keeps beeping, perhaps you should not do it that way. The manipulation should be repeated after a little delay. Pressing the button five times fast is necessary to start and shut off these gadgets properly.

It is essential to pay attention to how often you puff. Reduce the frequency if you make more than 16 puffs in a minute. If that were the cause of the blinking, the e-cigarette would stop blinking after a minute.

The Charge of the Vape Is Frequently the Cause of Blinking

A dead battery most frequently causes blinking. The best vape pen cannot operate if the power source is slow. Avoiding this and charging the device promptly is preferable because a fully depleted power source shortens its life.

The basic principle of charging must be followed: unplug as soon as the battery is fully charged. But, when it is not the first charging, this is how the device is charged. For example, if you recently bought a vape device, you should leave it plugged in for another two to three hours for the first three charges.

Is your cigarette flickering briefly after it has finished charging? Perhaps you are vaping too frequently, or the battery is at the end of its useful life. In this case, you should purchase a new battery, preferably one with higher autonomy.

If you turn the best vape pen for e liquid on and off correctly, do not puff frequently, and the charging is unrelated, the button may have a problem. In this situation, you should switch off the device and quickly turn it back on. If you cannot accomplish that, you should refrain from tapping the device or blowing excessively hard into the mouthpiece.

Blinking and Not Working

When your vape device is flashing and not working, you need to do the following steps:
1. If the cause of the flashing is a loose contact, you should unscrew the power supply and try to tighten the connection. If it is unsoldered, you should solder it.
2. A short circuit can cause the blinking of the gadget. As a rule, the device does not work and flashes three times. A short course usually occurs when the terminal between the vaporiser and the power source is severely compressed. In this case, you should disassemble the design of the vape device and then reassemble it, screwing the threads tightly but not too tight.
3. You should carefully examine the specifications before replacing one of the components when the atomiser and the battery are mismatched. The power supply's capacity and the vaporiser coil's resistance must be compatible. If the parts are chosen incorrectly, the vape device will not work correctly.

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