Why Should You Pay More Attention to Your Websites User Experience?

Why Should You Pay More Attention to Your Websites User Experience?
A website that meets all expectations is becoming more and more important as digital interactions quickly take the lead in determining a customer's or potential customer's view of a company. 

People engage with businesses primarily online in today's environment, and how they do so and the value of presentation is crucial to the success and competitiveness of a modern digital business owner. 

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What is User Experience? 

According to Wikipedia, "User experience" is how a user interacts with and experiences a product, system, or service. It includes a person's perceptions of utility, ease of use, and efficiency. 

In web design and web development, UX is the entire journey of a user whenever they use your product or services. People pay attention to the user experience of a system because it is a great determinant of the possible choice for a user to continue using it and possibly revisit a website. 

It takes loads of effort to ensure a worthwhile customer experience, and this goes beyond just a colorful interface. 

What you must understand about User Experience [UX]. 

It's no longer acceptable for a company to have a subpar website since people are now unyielding in what they demand from a pleasant website experience, and search engines are starting to incorporate algorithms that deliberately penalize websites that don't provide a fantastic user experience.  

Website ratings for UX have now included SEO [Search Engine Optimization] as a unique feature to guarantee an increase in visibility in a competitive digital space. If your website developer fails to pay attention to this feat, your chances of ranking your domain authority are slimmer. 

What factors make up the user experience? 

It is only fair to let you know that user experience is how a user interacts with and experiences a product, system, or service, and as Google updated its methods for ranking sites in May 2021, there are more stringent metrics in assessing a website. 

Some of which are: 
1. The loading speeds. 
2. Responsiveness. 
3. Usability. 
4. Refresh rate. 
5. Typography. 
6. Smoothness. 

These are some of the popular parameters considered by Google to determine which site enjoys ranking preference over others 

Why you should pay attention to your website’s User Experience. 

1. When a page loads more slowly than three seconds, 53% of mobile site visitors would leave your website immediately.  
2. The aesthetics of a website account for 75% of credibility evaluations. If you don’t have the patience to create anything, you may just employ the services of a web designing and development company like The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai. 
3. A poor user experience causes 70% of buyers to abandon their purchases. After all, nobody has time for unmeaningful. 
4. If a website isn't mobile-friendly, mobile users are 5 times more likely to give up on a task. 
5. The most annoying problem, according to one-third of all online shoppers, is that they have to constantly enlarge their screens to click on what they want. 
6. You may find it appalling, but 88% of online buyers claim that a bad user experience would prevent them from returning to a website. 
7. Currently, only 55% of businesses perform any kind of UX testing as is seen today. 
8. A smooth experience across all devices is very important, according to 83% of people. 

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