Why Skeptics are reluctant in taking Insurance Covers

Why Skeptics are reluctant in taking Insurance Covers
For many reasons people have built a rationale towards certain things, and most often than none these things are subconsciously repeated in the minds of men that becomes their new ideal and therefore shapes their perception of modern-day reality. While I cannot tell if this is bad or otherwise, this same process works with the law of attraction where we attract what we have positioned our minds to see. 

Perhaps you are not in this circle, but a huge quadrant still sees buying insurance of any type as a waste of bucks. If you had ever accosted a religious fanatic on things as insurance, you would probably be stunned by their stem of strength which they hold solid. This has nothing to do with even a certain jurisdiction or race, just some healthy point of view that spreads across the shore. 

In today’s read, I will be unveiling some scepticisms from various geographic regarding taking insurance, likewise, would I close with the benefit of buying an insurance policy. 

What is customer scepticism? 
Customer scepticism is the customer’s current view on a subject matter. It is tagged scepticism because the point of view which customer upholds does not tally with what is being sold/shared with the customer. The awkward part about scepticism is that it is not termed as bad or good, but mere scepticism that is not rigid, and could hence be changed, provided the customer is well convinced. 

From all indicators, scepticisms are healthy in any business space. After all, is said and done, the space of the pessimists helps the optimists to carefully guard grey areas less considered. 

Should people be sceptical about insurance? 
In all fairness, people are entitled to their opinion, hence they are permitted to air their opinion in whichever direction they intend to. Insurance could mean different things to different people, and more often than none this is shaped by other people’s experiences or reviews on the subject.

In a few instances, it is due to a personal experience, usually at the point of seeking claims and then discovering that they are not privileged to enjoy full access as they had assumed due to their type of quote. Others could just be a case of there being no need to bury such an amount annually on premium which could be avoided by safe driving and car security. It is therefore left to the agent for the insurance company to try to sell a policy to the client in the best way of reconvincing. 

What causes scepticism in taking insurance? 
Just like in many countries, although some may be limited due to basic amenities and infrastructure. I mean, of what benefit would it be praying for things that your government rightly provides. Your chances of having a car accident on the highway in Nigeria for instance is way higher than in a country like the UAE [United Arab Emirates] due to the smooth road, order, and traffic laws which are held to the latter. 

1. Ignorance
The majority of the time, why people are not buying insurance could be the availability of information. The most popular insurance policy sold to prospective customers are car, property, and life insurance, but car insurance holds greater knowledge in the minds of the people than other types.  

2. The perception that insurance is expensive
People often feel insurance is ridiculously expensive, but more often than none when their quote has been given and a premium has been pegged to it, they are surprised the annual payment aren't out of place. If you consider the claim you tend to seek for in case of damage and the ease in the disbursement of funds, you will understand that insurance is better than avoiding stipends as premiums. 

3. Religious beliefs
Across countries and races, people are open to believing in whatever supreme being they hold in high esteem. The important part is if it works for one from experience. While this is personal, and I also hold with high esteem every man’s faith, people have declined the choice of insurance like life insurance due to their unwavering belief in their deity, and the assurance that it would save them from the hands of death, and that they have toiled already and needs no support system to take care of their wards or relations. 

4. Instilling fear
The thought of havoc, demise, a casualty of any type has been boldly frowned at because some believe perhaps by faith that nothing of such can open to them, and that the mere thought of losing their life is a total no-no for them. 

Benefits of taking Insurance
The benefits of buying insurance can be summarized into a sentence, which would be: insurance brings about security, posterity cover forwards and family where necessary, it saves time to worry over more important things, insurance helps one better manage one’s funds. 
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