Why Superhuman is more than a human

Why Superhuman is more than a human
The evolution of man has seen different stages from varying schools of thought. Mankind has been known to have meandered its way from the time of the Orient into the present age, exhibiting instincts and survival traits that help dominate in every era of livelihood. 

Never has it been recorded that man did not outdo his previous stages, just as seen in the advancement of technology from the era of the first industrial revolution, which changed the game for mankind as it spurred the well of creativity. 

Fast forward to the present day, and we have seen how digitalization has brought ease into every sector and industry around us. The internet is one of the best things that has ever happened since the advent of sliced bread, and just like that, we have experienced several other technological breakthroughs that have come to ease process flow. One of these unique is the Superhuman. 

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What is Superhuman? 

Superhuman is a software application that offers email client services at its best. It has been said to be the fastest email experience ever created. Superhuman is a relatively fast email application that possesses multiple unique functions. 

While several people have tried this unique service, word on the street remains that the email client service provided by the Superhuman corporation is intended to be the quickest email experience. Superhuman, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, and has been known to be the fastest in the world, was established in 2015 by Conrad Irwin, Rahul Vohra, and Vivek Sodera. 

How does the Superhuman work? 

Users of the Superhuman email client must request access to an application on the Superhuman website that inquires about their preferred email process and usage patterns. 

The user will finish a necessary videoconference training on how to operate the program before being permitted to use the Superhuman email client. 

The user's current email accounts are used by the Superhuman email client, which only supports Gmail and Google G Suite emails. 

Is Superhuman app free to use? 

Superhuman is an email app that assures clients that it is the fastest email experience ever. And even though it should end with free services, Superhuman comes at a steep cost of $30/per month. 

How secure is Superhuman? 

In an age whereby digital space has made the world a smaller and more global space, you tend to have information flying across nodes. One of the biggest worries in the digital space remains data security. 

Nobody wants to be a victim of lost information flying around the internet, and therefore there is a need to ensure security across both ends [Sender and Receiver]. 

To this end, with the extra need to ensure data is stored on the user's machine and not theirs, all data is encrypted at rest and in transit, with sensitive data encrypted additionally at the application level. 

What makes Superhuman different? 

Superhuman is relatively known for its unique speed and intelligence, which makes it a preferred choice by many. It also embraces the special feature of sending an email to a future date for ease and proactive measures. 

Can Superhuman be used with multiple email accounts? 

While this has been a reason for fear for most people, please be informed that you may add several email accounts to the Superhuman. However, it comes with a cost of $30. There is a review on this, and the results have shown that the personal Gmail account and the G Suite work email work just fine. 


The Superhuman has been consistently and consciously designed to guarantee swiftness in the mail delivery system. With the good use of AI [Artificial Intelligence], insights from social networks, and undo and resend menus activated to ensure a worthwhile email interaction service, Superhuman has repeatedly proven to be efficient, fast, and intelligent. 

Just as there is a price to pay for happiness, the Superhuman service comes with a monthly subscription of USD 30.00. 

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