Why Wattpad Should Interest You as a Writer

Why Wattpad Should Interest You as a Writer
The wheel of creativity for every writer true to their words may never end, especially when passion has long been identified as the fuel for consistency. 

With all these vitals in check, what a writer needs would remain a platform to share creatives and then hope to land that gig that either transforms the life of the individual or one that sorts the bills. Eventually, all a writer wants is exposure and value. 

In case you missed the news, well, it's 2022, and digital platforms are the new channels that make you closer to your audience; whether you are selling goods or rendering services, the internet and tailored platforms have a unique way of bringing everyone closer to their audience. 

After this read, you will get a better understanding of what Wattpad is and why Wattpad should interest you as a writer seeking to thrive. 
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What is Wattpad? 

According to Wikipedia, Wattpad is an online literary platform intended for users to read and write original stories. 

To create social communities around stories and remove barriers between readers and writers, the platform allows users to write and publish stories, or read stories generated by other users at their convenience. 

What is the purpose of Wattpad? 

The purpose of Wattpad is clear; it is an online platform where teens and adults can publicly share their writing prowess with an audience and, likewise, read and comment on the creative work of other users. The sole aim of the platform is to help creative writers work in the public sphere. 

What makes Wattpad unique from others? 

Wattpad centers on allowing teenagers to creatively share their creative sides in the storytelling of any genre across a platform. Wattpad breaks the possible barriers between the audience and the writer, such that there is no limit to the things that can be written. 

Wattpad is also not limited to writing alone, as surfers of the internet can jolly well enjoy their time with a good read from a writer. 

Do Wattpad writers get paid? 

This is an essential question that has always surfaced anytime someone talks about Wattpad. Yes, Wattpad writers get paid when they write. 

Writers can be paid on the user-contributed fiction platform cash stipends of up to $25,000 when they meet some criteria. 

While this has been gathering the buzz it should, Wattpad had earlier stated that through the company's Wattpad Creators Program, a total sum of $2.6 million will be paid to writers in 2022. 

Is Wattpad safe in 2022? 

Every digital identity always seeks to protect their identity and their well-being. It is therefore important for every internet user and prospective Wattpad user to inquire how safe the platform is. Well, Wattpad has been seen to be a safe platform with zero tolerance for violations of any kind. 

How large is the Wattpad community? 

The purchase of Wattpad by Naver Corporation in January 2021 and finalized in May 2021, helped grow Wattpad to have over 90 million individuals visiting the platform each month as of November 2021. 

With over 50 languages supported by Wattpad, every year, approximately 300,000 writers from 35 different nations compete in The Watty Awards, the largest writing competition. 

Wattpad has consistently been gaining giant strides as a couple of their tales, like After and The Kissing Booth, have been adapted into television dramas and motion pictures. 

Why should Wattpad interest you as a writer? 

With a clear vision from the founders, Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen, their aim is that the platform creates social communities around stories and removes the barriers between readers and writers upon every encounter. 

Wattpad is a platform to show off a writer’s creative skills and prowess. If done well, the writer starts building an audience, and it can be easy for the audience to identify with one away from the Wattpad platform. 


Wattpad remains one of the most talked about and promising platforms that promotes writing and, likewise, reading. It helps a writer’s voice get heard and gives their stories meaning to the public. 

If you are a writer or a lover of a good read, Wattpad is a good spot to consider for leisure.

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