Will NFT fade away in 2022?

Will NFT fade away in 2022?
Maybe the cliché that nothing good lasts forever is just a good enough reason why people are quite concerned about the NFT. if the NFT will do more than gather buzz for a while and then fizzle out just when we are about getting comfortable with the knowledge and its use. 

If you’re late for the NFT roll call, well, I will try to accommodate you into this new knowledge from today’s article, likewise, would we address the curious who seek to know what tomorrow would bring around NFT come 2022. 

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What is NFT?
To ensure that no one is left out of this discussion, we'll start by explaining what NFT stands for. A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a type of digital ledger, according to Wikipedia. NFTs can be linked to digital files that can be reproduced, such as photos, videos, and audio.

Where does NFT find to use? 
NFT has found a safe way to guard intellectual property for creators. Creators before now have experienced idea theft and other intangible properties that were exposed or divulged without a contract, such that things that cannot be quantified physically still get enough royalty as they ought. 

NFT has afforded a couple of creators, musicians, writers, poets, digital artists, and other intellectual properties better security and an avenue for remuneration while leveraging on the online space to possibly showcase and sell their arts, while still getting royalties even after its sale. 

Will NFT fade away in 2022? 
Having helped you paint a picture of what the NFT buzz is all about, I could as well delight you that people have keyed into this revival. To buttress this point, did you know that an NFT was earlier sold for a whopping sum of USD 69,000,000.00? I had to type the digits out instead of putting them in words for better appreciation. 

So, tell me, if you heard someone got a scoop of this pudding, would you want to stay aloof, safe, or be a go-getter? Don’t answer that, I hear your heart thump already. It's an affirmation, NFT is not going away any time soon, and not in 2022. 

Although NFTs are still in their early stages, they are here to stay and will draw a far wider audience in the coming years. This is certain! 

Why NFTs will outlive 2022
I totally understand the place of doubt, especially when we have seen supposed digital messiahs go south just when people were baptized in its technology, hence, I brought some journals to give clarity for your curious mind and perhaps something of truth if we are to go with the anthem that: numbers don’t lie. 

Did you know that NFT was trading at $0.13 in terms of its USD rate on December 27th, 2021, with a price change of 0.06 % in the previous hour? And within a 24-hour trading volume of $38,593.00, NFT has a total market cap of $4,895,131. NFT (NFT) and now ranked 1327 on the cryptocurrency market. You may need to read that again, and then choose how you solve your riddle. 

Why NFTs are the future
It gets clearer each passing day that NFTs are the future. Further proof according to the NFT price projection and technical analysis shows that the NFT price is predicted to pass an average price level of $0.20 in 2022, with a minimum prize value of $0.19 expected before the end of this year, and a potential to achieve a maximum price of $0.24 before year-end respectively. 

Imagine putting all of your creativity into content creation and not getting the results you want, eh? The future that NFT provides, on the other hand, provides gains every time an NFT is traded or even when it changes hands. Because most artists do not earn additional revenue after their initial sale, this is a strong selling point. NFTs give collectors proof of ownership in the digital world, whether it's a painting or another piece of intellectual property.

Having come this far, I bet you have a better understanding of the availability of the NFT in the coming years, and if it has to fizzle out, certainly not in 2022. I’ll urge you to get in line and tap into the benefits of the NFT. 
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