WordPress Website Design Packages

WordPress Website Design Packages
Close to being the 8th wonder in the digital world, WordPress happens to be one of the best things that have come to be since the advent of Sliced bread. 

When you think of the aim of innovation being seamless, WordPress is one of the things to come to mind, as it makes supposed tasking processes suddenly become at ease.  

For people who are yet to get acquainted with WordPress, today, I will not only update your information bank on what WordPress does but also share with you WordPress website design packages, all in this article. 

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What is WordPress? 
WordPress is an open-source software application created to help build websites or blogs and better manage them using a Content Management System in which both skilled web designers and non-web designers could easily update and grow their websites/blogs seamlessly. 

WordPress has found its path in the eyes of Website builders considering its simplicity, being an open-source that also permits Plug-ins from other applications. This has made this application one of the most sort-after website/blog applications, with over 43% of all websites on the internet designed by WordPress. 

What is a website design package? 
Web design packages are a collection of applications that finds use in the design and creation of a website to suit the User experience. While a website can have any feature, they are usually based on the mind of the web owner, as he/she gives an idea of intent, while the web designer and developer through the aid of a CMS creatively create a Mastermind. 

As you are aware, a website is a collection of related web pages interconnected with the aid of hyperlinks and accessible via a Uniform resource locator (URL) 

Web design packages are certain web features integrated by the developer to perform extra actions other than being a URL or domain. 

What are WordPress website design packages? 
WordPress like any other platform has a range of web design packages that provide users with specific options to help actualize their aim.  

While WordPress has 4 different bouquets [Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce] to meet every prospective client’s needs, below are some of the extra features that come with the WordPress website design packages. 

1. With WordPress, you get access to over 50,000 WordPress plugins where you can enhance the functionality of your website. 
2. For eCommerce platforms, there are a variety of premium design possibilities.  
3. Introduction of advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. 
4. SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and Database Access Automated site backups and one-click restoration 
5. Acceptance of payments from more than 60 countries worldwide. 
6. Integrations with the World's Leading Shipping/logistics Companies. 
7. Performance Optimization. 

Is WordPress website builder free? 
The WordPress website builder is free! 

WordPress is available for download for free and can be used to construct any form of a website. You usually only pay when you wish to acquire your domain name and a hosting provider, both of which are costly.

How do I create a free WordPress website? 
Here are 7 easy steps to create a Word Press web page. 
1. Decide whether you'll use WordPress.com or WordPress.org. 
2. If you decide to use WordPress.com, create an account. 
3. Verify your email address and activate your blog. 
4. Create your intended blog. 
5. You must first select a theme, after which you may alter a WordPress theme.
6. If required, you can connect the app with your social networking networks or select to skip this step. 
7. Complete the process and evaluate it. 
8. You may share your website address with your friends and on other social media sites. 

WordPress is a clean and simple open-source CMS that makes it easy for search engines to understand and index a site's content. Despite being built with PHP and MySQL, it has a high level of plugin compatibility. Furthermore, for exact search engine optimization, each page, post, and picture may have its own meta tag keywords, description, and be optimized for specific keywords search.
For more insight on WordPress, please be sure to stay with us at The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai. 

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