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Why video marketing is important to your business

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Why video marketing is important to your business

Video marketing became an effective approach in the online marketing gamut. From small to large companies, everyone defines Video Marketing Strategies to promote their brand on digital platforms. If to talk about the success rate of using videos in the marketing plan, the result is incredibly good. Marketers and companies agreed that the videos are generating engagement and ROI for them.

But first, we'd like to introduce the creator of this marvelous work. The Watchtower, a leading Digital Marketing Company and Web Design Agency in Dubai enjoy training its readers on practical ways to better their day-to-day activities.

What is video marketing?
It is an online marketing technique to promote your brand, products, or services with videos that convey the right message to your audience. The goal of using this technique is to improve your brand, achieve good customer engagement, and ultimately close a good number of sales. If we look closely at this concept, then it was never new to us. We all come across those television commercials in the middle of our favorite shows.
Why is video marketing so effective?

If at this point you want to explore some information or want to understand something in detail, which online platform will you initially look for? " YoutTube " (Without thinking twice) Well, everyone will. From getting updates on what's happening in the world to getting started, to coding, to checking expert reviews on the latest smartphones to trying new food recipes, makeup, and hairstyle tips to learning your ideal dance style ... and everything. YouTube has got you covered to expand your knowledge in any area.

You will be surprised to know that, according to statistics, YouTube is the most demanded social media platform, among other options. If we talk about the numbers, then 1 billion hours of content is viewed on YouTube every day. This video platform attracts 44% of all Internet users. It has approx. 2 billion monthly active users. 60% of people prefer YouTube to watch content rather than television.

Scientific point of view behind the videos
The human brain performs images efficiently compared to text. Scientific research has shown that our brain recognizes visual language more conveniently. 90% of the information that is transmitted to our brain is through images.

An interesting fact is that our brain processes images or visual elements 60,000 times faster than text. (Even you can easily remember the story of a movie you saw two years ago, but it seems more difficult to retrieve the information that you must have read in the newspaper this morning )
Quick Tip: From a marketing perspective, embedding business videos will be memorable for your users and will surely improve the chances that they will remember your brand very often.

We hope you've learned something from this. Our articles' primary aim is to keep you up to date with all of the simple tools needed to excel in today's fast-paced world. Any of the Watchtower's core assets include Web Design Dubai and Digital Marketing.

Benefits of video marketing for your company:

Connects with your target audience
A well-researched video with a strategy can help provide the desired solution to your problems. But, to get it right, you need to do thorough research, have a close understanding of your issues, and find the perfect solution that addresses your needs in the most appropriate way. In this way, you can create an instant connection with your audience. If you are using an explainer video to provide the right solution to your audience through your products/services, it will surely grab their attention quickly.

Best compromise
Videos are a quick and perfect aid to tell your audience about your brand. You can introduce your brand to people with a short video that can have a longer impact on them.

Instead of them checking the introduction section of your website to find out about you. Video advertising is beneficial to both a product-based business and a service-based business. People prefer to get the details of a product or service in an easy-to-process presentation than in a longer text form.

Therefore, a short video is a perfect aid to get the attention of potential buyers. As well as sharing some informative videos about your upcoming product launches or sometimes just a quick inquiry or discussion session about your services can help build a good customer base and create a foundation of trust for them in your brand.

Improve the visibility of your brand
The more visible you are to buyers, the more they will come to you.
To ensure the success of a brand, you have to focus on the marketing, advertising, retargeting, and promotional aspect positively. Good brand visibility doubles your chances of making a profit. Videos, if taken into consideration, can be a complete marketing tool for your brand.

Whether you prefer any type of video strategy, be it informational videos, product-based videos, reviews, how-to videos, or one-on-one discussion sessions with clients. You will surely impact your potential buyers to gain an edge on your services and an interest in knowing more about your brand.

We hope you enjoyed reading it and learned something new since that is our primary aim. As the leading and award-winning Website Development Company in Dubai, we will always provide you with awesome web material.

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