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Tips To Choose the Best Ecommerce Development Company in Dubai

The Best Web Development Agency in UAE

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Tips To Choose the Best Ecommerce Development Company in Dubai

Dubai is the hub of opportunities, innovations, lifestyle, and diversity. People around the world come here to seek professional growth and seek lucrative employment positions. Indeed, many individuals with entrepreneurial instincts land here to turn their ideas into full scale businesses. 


As online consumerism rapidly increases, setting up an online business in Dubai becomes a dire aspiration of many budding or established entrepreneurs. As you know, setting up an online business begins with establishing an online presence on the internet where entrepreneurs can sell products and services online. It would be naïve not to carefully opt for a reliable eCommerce web design Dubai based company for establishing your online store from the scratch.


Reliable eCommerce business development companies know how things work in Dubai. They know which zone to choose for your physical presence, how the market dynamics play out for online businesses as well which online platform to pick for establishing your brand online presence. 


Popular eCommerce and Content Management System (CMS) that most frequently used for online store establishment are: 


  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Wix eCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento 


In the process, you might get caught up by many agencies claiming to the best, but it is important to pay due diligence and select one which has a proven track record in the web development sector. 


Before we get you into specifics, a bit of orientation to setting up your business in Dubai may help you to make well-informed decisions. This orientation may particular come in very handy if you are new to Dubai’s vibes for business. 

1. Go for the Tax-Free Trade Zone in Dubai

Even though, if you want to sell commodities and services online, you will still need to have a physical presence. Dubai has three different zones which incentivize people with tax-cuts for investing and establishing their businesses. As a starter, it would be best not to establish your brand’s outlets in the zone which incurs considerable tax and paying hefty license and registration fees.  


Now comes the part of looking out for a reliable eCommerce business development partner. This post will let you go through certain strategies to make sure you don’t pick someone out of blue and regret it later. While making your mind to pick up the best eCommerce web development company, considering the following tips will come in handy. 


2. Don’t Rely on Google Rankings Alone 

As you Google “eCommerce web development companies in Dubai, you will get a list of companies. Everyone can pay to rank itself up but the real devil is in the details. Multiple things play out when it comes to selecting the best partner for your website development and paying close attention to every detail is worth it. While on the quest for seeking the best, you must pay attention that how long a particular company is in the web development businesses, what are people talking about the company in reviews, and has the company a promising portfolio. Furthermore, you must read about the company’s existing and former clients and brands, and getting into their experience with the company can help make a satisfactory judgment. 


3.     Pay Attention to Portfolio 

Another key element of the devil is going through the work portfolio of the company you intend to pick up as your partner for the eCommerce web project development. Since you are hiring a company virtually, thus pay close attention to the work history of the company is the only thing you must resort to. While having a peek at the portfolio, make sure you scan the following metrics.  


  • How long the company has been in the field of eCommerce web development
  • How many projects are completed successfully 
  • Are there any popular brands and eCommerce stores the company has worked with? 
  • Go through site’s designed by the company


 4.     Have a Peek into the Developers Profiles 

It is also highly advised that you go through the profiles of the developer's profiles the company has employed. Well, it might sound a little hard thing to do but doing so can pave the way for you to making a more informed decision. Just ask the company to provide a detailed overlook of web developers that are going to work on your project. 


5.     What the Clients Say 

The next thing you got to do is to go to the testimonials section and read about the company’s client's experiences with the company. This may include former and current clients that help you explore a little more about the company's reliability, service provision, and post-project support. 

Furthermore, you can read the Google reviews and ratings of the company to have an in-depth understanding of the company's work history. 


6.     Read Clients Reviews on Clutch

Clutch is a reliable platform where many IT companies gather up feedbacks from their former and existing clients. These reviews are often authentic and help you learn more about the company's operations and competence. Furthermore, it will provide an insight into whether the company has a good track record, and is favoured for a project similar to yours. Also, you can find out whether the company has any awards and recognitions from the industry. 


7.     Evaluate the Credibility of the Company’s Site

You can evaluate the company credibility, reliability, and quality standards of the eCommerce web development team by analysing the company's oval digital footprint. Typically reputed firms maintain a constant presence on various social media platforms and keep the audience engaged. 


Also, pay close attention to the company’s website design, quality of the onsite content, blog, and other features as it speaks a lot about the company which claims to be the best in the industry. 


Summing Up

Getting your feet into the eCommerce in Dubai can be very lucrative which begins with establishing round a clock presence. While establishing your business’s website, you must partner with a reliable eCommerce web development agency. Before picking one up, you must research various metrics such as; company work portfolio, web developer’s profiles, client reviews, and company digital presence.

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