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How to use a VPN in the UAE

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How to use a VPN in the UAE

For anyone in the UAE [United Arab Emirates] who spends a better chunk of their time on the web, either for business purposes or leisure must have considered the need for data protection; Cybersecurity happens to be the protection of internet-connected systems from cyber threats which could range from hardware, software, even to data. Individuals and businesses use the practice to prevent unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems.

Having identified how sensitive cyber security is, going by your daily exchange of data packets online, there is, therefore, every need to possibly guard your information to avoid intrusion and data compromise such that your IP [Internet Protocol] address is secured and cannot be identified, likewise, the IP address of the web pages in use is not identified by your ISP [Internet Service Provider]; this process combined makes a VPN [Virtual Private Network] one of the very best for cybersecurity and privacy tools.

The VPN as stated above is a Virtual Private Network that employs a VPN tunneling protocol to route the user's traffic through a remote server, such that a private network is extended over a public connection.

While there are many reasons why several people find the VPN of use, certain people’s choice is due to restrictions on either their geographical location such that the ISP had blocked the intended web address or the intended web address had blocked services to a demographic. In the UAE for instance, certain online content is being blocked since the UAE has strict internet censorship of content from pornography, Skype, and VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol- an internet call basically].

So, should a VPN in the UAE pose as illegal?

[Drum rolls]                  

No! VPN in the UAE is not illegal; provided the VPN is being used for legitimate purposes since the use of the VPN itself would not constitute a crime.

Now that we have that cleared out, in this article, myself and The Watchtower- Web Design Agency Dubai will be guiding you on How to use a VPN in the UAE with the best of ease and a few healthy suggestions for your smooth journey.

First, you need a good Internet Service Provider and a VPN app. [both based on your research and purpose] 

Select a VPN service that has servers both within and outside of the UAE. Given the numerous options available, the onus is on you to choose a pick based on intention/purpose, especially given the size of data consumed. 

Install the VPN application and connect to a server in your desired location. Because VPN websites in the UAE are frequently blacklisted, I strongly advise downloading, installing, and making any personalized adjustments to your VPN before arriving in the UAE.

Having completed the two steps above, you are now fully connected, and your desired websites/services have been unblocked.

I feel you just heaved a big sigh, but hey! there are still some considerations while using the VPN in the UAE. For this article, I will name it: Play your part.

Play Your Part

So, you see, while a VPN can prevent a hacker or anyone else watching your Internet connection from seeing what you're doing, if you open a bogus email and give your information to someone you shouldn't, there's nothing a VPN can do about that.

Although the VPN comes with Malware protection, if you download and install a program on your computer, your VPN will be powerless to stop it. We suggest you get the best antivirus software on your side.

If you're also particular about people seeing your browsing history, a VPN won't necessarily help – there is therefore a need to clear the browser history or ensure to use Incognito mode, otherwise, anyone who has access to your PC will see all.

Stay away from Free VPN as it defeats the purpose of online security in most cases. They also keep tabs on your data and activity especially in risk countries like ours. Free VPN enjoys just a very few servers hence unblocking content from some countries may head south; this, therefore, ripples to poor performance since you have more people on very few servers.

 For more information on VPN use in the UAE and other technology, website development, digital marketing, and SEO, the Watchtower, an award-winning Website Development Company in Dubai is the name to always remember.

  Apr 20, 2021     by Oluwafemi Smith     267 Views     0

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