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How to use smile points in UAE

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How to use smile points in UAE

Etisalat has developed an app for people that helps them to make their lifestyles better without spending a lot of their money this app is known as Smile app. This app helps you to redeem your points which, if you are a UAE citizen can earn in two ways, by making payments of your bills and with the help of new post-paid yearly plans. You can redeem these points to pay bills at different outlets, as discounts at various places, and as shopping vouchers. You can also use these points to have exclusive offers on dinners at different places, discounts on different attractions such as movies, theme parks in UAE.  Six deals are sent to users according to their location, interest, and history. These deals are sent to the users every day. Anybody in UAE can earn and use smile points. 

For example, these types of deals are available
  • You can get redeem smile point to travel i.e. for tours and flights. 
  • Redeeming the smile points can get you different discounts in theme parks in UAE and other discounts such as movie tickets with 50% discount.
  • You can redeem smile point to get discount deals at a lot of restaurants for example buy one get one deal.
  • You can redeem smile points to buy stuff from the supermarket.
  • You can also redeem points to use them in a lot of outlets in the UAE for lifestyle and fashion.
  • You can also pay your Etisalat bills with the help of this app.
How you can earn Smile Points: 

You can earn these points with the help of different Etisalat relations which are

  • By using smile app
  • If you shop with the businesses you’ve partnered with
  • If co-branded cards are used
  • With the help of Etisalat spends. 
How to use Smile points through smile app: 

To use the smile points, you need to sign up to smile app. For signing up there you need to follow the following steps.

  • Step 1: You can download this smile app online on app store or play store. 
  • Step 2: You need to enter your mobile number into the app
  • Step 3: One time will be sent to your phone number which you will enter now.
  • Step 4: You will be asked to enter your email, nationality name, date of birth, etc. you need to enter all of this information. 
  • Step 5: A message will be sent to you for confirmation.
  • Step 6: You will see sections from which you can choose whatever service you want to use. For example, food service on the app. 
  • Step 7: You can order anything you want.
  • Step 8: Now you can pay using smile points for your meal.
How to redeem the smile points? 
  • Step 1:  On Etisalat website you need to log in to the account first and then to open renewal panel you need to click the launcher.
  • Step 2: Then all the rewards will be clicked.  If there are zero points for redemption, a progress bar will be seen on the right side next to the name of the reward.
  • Step 3: If the points are enough then the redemption button will be found there. 
  • Step 4: Customers will be directed towardsa page which will show the code of coupon with a button of “app code” which in turn will apply the code of coupon automatically to the checkout. 
  • Step 5: To select how many numbers of points you want to spend make use of point slider and at the end press redeem for the redemption of different rewards.
  • Step 6: For you records and email consisting of your coupon code will be sent to you.

Each smile point has value of 0.01 AED so if you have 100 smile points you will get 1 AED for it. Etisalat determines the smile point values and it may vary on UAE smiles app across different redemption partners. 

In order to know about how much balance of your points you have. You need to send SMS to 3000. The message should be empty. 

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