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Students do the craziest things - Part 5 to 7

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Students do the craziest things - Part 5 to 7

Part 5

Another friend of Bob hit Bob in the ear as he was walking in the hallway.

Bob was walking on his own in the hallway when Preston was training for Karate and then he kicked Bob on his ear mistakenly. The most wicked teacher, miss Alice said he should clean all the lockers, you know already that it’s not going to be normal so he didn’t want to do it normally, he dipped his tongue inside soapy bucket of water and licked the dirty, filthy and smelly lockers, they do the craziest stuff.


Part 6

Bob was walking to his class and then Nate was break dancing without using his brain.

Then he spanned on his head and then he hit Bob on the chin. Bob cried until he fainted, so Miss Shaken called him and told him to work in the cafeteria. So then the yuckiest kid in school chewed his food, spat it back in his tray and returned it, Nate was looking for a trash can but couldn’t find anyone so he ate the food and swallowed it, he got typhoid.


Part 7

Bob was walking when Mathew hit him on his nose.

So Bob was on his own when Mathew was practicing Jujitsu. He went towards Bob and hit Bob on his nose, but this time, Mathew did it with knowledge and so Mrs. Eden called him and told him to sit in her office and wait but he didn’t. He went to the hallway with his shirt off telling everyone that Mrs. Edna lives in the school and that she isn’t actually a Mrs. but a Miss so he got expelled and no one ever saw him again.

  Mar 25, 2021     by Oludele Adeolu     244 Views     0

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