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Students do the craziest things - Part 8 - 10

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Students do the craziest things - Part 8 - 10

Part 8

That reminds me of the time that Elvis Riboldi, the wackiest kid in school hit my eyes.

So Alvis was dancing while closing his eyes so then he hit me on my eyes. I GOT BLIND!!!!!!. So Mr. Alex called Elvis and he told Elvis to sweep the classroom along with Nate yep they’re still angry at him after that incident so Nate got bored and Elvis also got bored. Nate held Elvis as a broom and started sweeping and did I mention that Elvis was wearing white that day? it got so dirty that you couldn’t see a touch of white on it anymore. They do the craziest things!!!

Part 9

I remember another crazy story about the principal’s son’s cousin. It goes like this.

Jeff was a prankster and tried to play a prank on Lester, so he put a trip line next to his locker. Instead of Lester, Bob tripped instead. So Mr. Daniels called him and gave him a punishment to clean the male toilet and there was poop all over the place.

Instead of using a sponge and a brush to clean the place, he used his own tongue, dipped it in soapy water and licked the poop. once he even swallowed some so he died and no one saw him again R.I.P.

Part 10

This is the craziest thing that happened in grade 10. It goes thus

Lester was trying to break a record by hopping on one leg so he tripped on one of Jeff’s trip wires and fell on Bob.

Mr. Robinson called him and told him to clear all the water in the toilets. He was given a plunger but he thought it was too boring so he got a very long straw and sucked up all the toilet water. He got sick and it was DIARRHOEA, He died.

Parents, always warn your Children not to engage in bad things Eg: Drinking, Drinking bad Water and eating bad food Or eating dirty food

Author: Oludele Adeolu

Publisher: Oludele Adeolu

Attention: do not try any Of these things at home.

  Mar 29, 2021     by Oludele Adeolu     290 Views     0

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