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When utilized properly SEO can be a win-win situation on both ends, the existing as well as prospective customers. So, why should you hire The Watchtower SEO team for your business? How will we work and improve your SEO?

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Detailed Website Audit

We thoroughly audit the website from the search engine point of view, user behavior, interaction, & friendliness and accordingly move ahead with the keyword strategy.

Detailed Keywords Research

Detailed research of the keywords is very important for any business. We use various tools to analyze the way a user searches and enable them to do so more efficiently

Site on-page Optimization

We expertly optimize your website by working on keyword implementation in accordance with search engine algorithms which is very important to get the website listed in top SERPs. While doing website on page optimization we optimize the website code keeping all the on-page aspects in our mind.

Keywords Implementation

We smartly add keywords to the content & the web-page in an artful way which looks natural and doesn’t look forced or out of place on your website.

Content Management

We take a comprehensive look at your website and draft and edit content, optimize and manage it in order to make it search engine friendly.

Link Building

We employ a plethora of tactics for relevant link building that gives you tangible results in the long run.

Analysis & Monitoring

We keep a track of the changes implemented for getting the desired results & keep testing them further to help in your website ranking and lead generation.

100% Transparent Reporting

The report is shared with the client on a monthly basis to track the results our efforts have yielded for your website.

The various services we provide for enhancing your SEO:

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Local Listing & Citation Building

We help you get listed on the local search results by submitting the website on major search engines. The process doesn’t just stop there, your website is also submitted on numerous local directories and yellow pages which helps you get cited in the results when the user searches for your particular service in that area.

Installation of tracking tools

We install tools that help in analysis, monitoring and tracking of the website performance and visitor behavior. This definitely helps in remarketing and making improvements as per the feedback recorded from the same.

Creation of Bots accessible files

Other than the on-page and content optimization we also create the necessary files such as Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml, that helps the search engine access and crawl your site better.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis plays a huge role in what your next move should be. Hence, we conduct a thorough competitor follow up that allows us to not only look at their shortcomings, but also have a good look at the areas they excel in, and see if the same can be altered and applied to your SEO in order to stay ahead in the game.

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