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How to make an SEO Friendly Website Structure?

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How to make an SEO Friendly Website Structure?

You optimize your websites in order to gain a top position in the SERPs. However, have you ever given a thought about how exactly does website design contribute to SEO? A well-defined website structure is a path to a good search engine ranking. In turn, it proves to be an excellent user experience for your audience too. From beginning to the never-ending future, web design and development is an ongoing process that needs to be planned effectively and updated as per the requirements of search engines and users. A robust and easy to use website design aids users with the capability to effectively navigate and find the information they are looking for, on your website. In fact, with a precise and conceptual web design and development strategy, you can effortlessly direct your visitors to the intended call-to-action on your website. To successfully implement and achieve your marketing goals, you need web development services that can optimize your site to improve your performance on SERPs.

Let’s dig deeper into the best practices to optimize your website design and structure in compliance with search engines algorithms.

Optimizing website structure

1.  Keywords strategy and categorization

Keywords are what makes your website visible to the audiences in search results. Therefore, it is essential that you plan your keyword strategy in accordance with the hierarchical structure of your website. Thoroughly research the phrases that best describe your business. Work on both, short and longtail keywords to maintain diversity in options to the audience. Categorize those keywords based on the hierarchy of your website design – pages, subpages, etc. It will help you in prioritizing the web pages and rank accordingly.

2. SEO-friendly URLs

URLs are an integral part of web design and development strategy. When you are done with keyword planning and categorizing your pages, move on to creating URLs for your website. These URLs must be in accordance with your site hierarchy. Keep your URLs are readable for your audience. Avoid stuffing long ID numbers. Use punctuations in URLs. It makes them SEO-friendly. Add short and relevant keywords into the URL. Do not overuse and make sure that those URLs include users’ queries in the form of keywords.

3.  Internal linking

Smart website the design consists of internal links in the web pages that direct Google bots and visitors to explore your website thoroughly. It increases navigation on your website. There are many ways to interlink your web pages; menus, tags, footer, and breadcrumbs. Another thing you can try is interlinking in your content. For instance, if you are using the keyword “web design and development Dubai” in one of your blog posts about website development, you can link this keyword to the web page that elaborates your web development services. Similarly, you can hyperlink one of the longtail keywords in the services page to link any other web page.

4.  Filter and Tags

It’s good if your website offers excellent choices to the customers. However, from a large number of options available, your visitors would find it difficult to make a choice if those options are scattered all around. Create appropriate filters for all your product categories and include every characteristic of those products in the filters. To make it come into action, it is necessary that you understand your product thoroughly and analyze what your customers would look for in it. These filters and tags help in the organization of your website design and allow search engines to go through it smoothly.

To leverage the benefits of a robust website structure, you need something professional. Looking for expert services in website design, Dubai? Connect with The Watchtower. We are a digital marketing agency that can help you achieve your business goals and prosper. Our services are tailor-made in providing streamlined website solutions that help in triggering potential leads and enhancing user experience. We stick to our vision of providing you with an SEO-friendly website structure, the ultimate goal of every online marketer.

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