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Website/SEO Audit Report

Website audit helps in optimizing your website on different parameters to make it SEO friendly so that search engines can easily identify your web page and bring success for your digital marketing campaign. For website audit, the auditor needs to check the website coding, its structure, the tools and apps integrated, its content for the keyword competitiveness, outside link building and many such parameters. The Watchtower provides the best in town SEO audit services. Our website auditors are experienced in each and every segment of the web page and will provide you the best site audit service.

Website SEO audits help in analysing the sections where the web page is lacking. With the help of proper techniques, those can be rectified in a timely manner and your website will be improved to miracle on search engines. Our experts will provide you with multi-point website audit analysis and reports. For bringing miracle to the website performance, you should make a thorough SEO website audit.

Factors to Consider for Website Audit Services

• On-Page Optimization Auditing: - Main audit points taken in this are the content, URL optimization, headings, subheadings, meta tags etc.

• Competitor Analysis Auditing: - All the functions like keywords used by competitors and the method of their campaigning should be properly analysed to get the report of their strategies.

• Auditing of Site Speed: - The speed with which the site is opening should be taken care of because faster the site speed, better will the ranking score.

• Auditing of User Experience: - How a user is experiencing on your website needs to be audited periodically so as to understand the points where your website is lacking to provide better user experience.

• Architecture Audit Service: - This is important to understand the best layout for the website so that users can navigate it properly and easily. Also, it should be infused with better call to actions.

The Watchtower: Best SEO audit company

• Affordable packages: - The Watchtower provides multiple SEO analysis website packages for its clients. We ensure you that you will not get the same level of SEO site audit service as ours in the whole industry. Our SEO audit report service is very premium but the price is very affordable.

• Tonnes of Reports: - Our SEO audit service contains tonnes of reports related to your website structure, contents (textual, image, video, animations, infographics etc.), site loading speed, internal links, external links, user experience, URL optimization etc. All these will help in taking the best possible decisions.

• Exceptional Customer Service: - Our experts are friendly and reliable. They will provide you the service by exceeding your expectations. Our SEO analysis report comes with outstanding client support irrespective of their size and budget.

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