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How will Social Media Marketing work for my Business?

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Here's how we can help you expand your Business through Social Media.

Detailed Social Media Audit

We audit your social media presence and act accordingly to create a strategy tailored specifically to your brand in order to gain maximum exposure and build & maintain your brand presence across social media channels.

Competition Analysis on Social Platforms

Analyzing & finding gaps between the industry & business according to the benchmark set by competitor brands enables us to understand issues and scout for ways to expand.

Strategy Planning for Social Media

We plan our social media strategy as per the Business requirements and goals that are to be achieved through social media promotion.

Campaign Design & Management

A good campaign can create such an impact on people that it leads to an instant recall of your brand. Paid & Organic marketing, both make it possible for the brand to spread their message for which campaign is built.

Content Creation & Promotion

We create content that engages users & motivates them to like and share the same, thus bringing in new audience. Our experts develop exciting text, audio and video content for your social media channels to keep your users engaged and bring in new ones.

Social Community Building & ORM

Increasing number of Likes & Followers does not give you results. We focus on engagement which builds your rapport with the online community & builds and maintains trust among the users. We take care of ORM as well by managing reviews and ratings on social media platforms.

Social Monitoring

We monitor each implementation with an eagle eye to grab performing opportunities & eliminate non-performing assets. We continue testing & updating for successful leads.

Social Reporting

We create reports for our client that are easy to understand and shows proper reasoning for growth in terms of Social Media Marketing

For Example: Promoting a job on Pinterest is not a good idea. Why? Because Pinterest is broadly a niche selling platform where businesses like clothing, accessories, cosmetics etc. are promoted to gain a niche audience. But promoting the same job on LinkedIn is a good idea as LinkedIn is a niche social network primarily for professionals to interact and socialize.

When you start Social Media Marketing with us, there are a few major focus points that we pay keen attention to. We put a lot of emphasis on important aspects that matter to your business. We help you in controlling & managing your message in line with your goals.

Some SMM platforms that we work on are:

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Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most famous and effective social media tools. Our expertise in creating SMM strategies uses this platform to build brand loyalty and to generate healthy leads with high chances of conversion.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is for the ones who like it short and sweet. Word restriction is a big part of Twitter, so short, crisp and to the point messages utilizing links & images can be tweeted. A well-crafted tweet can gain a lot of retweets and likes and help your brand gain momentum and much needed social media mileage.

Instagram Marketing

Primarily an image sharing platform, Instagram now utilizes videos and stories too. Adding them not only woos your existing followers (customers) but also brings in new ones. Cross-platform marketing, contests with attractive prizes and even partnering with influencers for positive reinforcement of the business in the form of sponsored posts can be done through Instagram.

LinkedIn Marketing

Arguably the largest social networking site that mainly caters to professionals from various fields and ones looking for job opportunities. LinkedIn provides us to create a robust company (Brand) page and ways to attract good traffic.

Google Plus
Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a great platform for any business that markets themselves using images. Industries like Fashion, Real-estate, e-commerce etc. see large number of engagement from it and hence Pinterest is a platform you should definitely consider when going for Social Media Marketing.

YouTube Marketing

Videos uploaded on YouTube rank better on Google and often end up on the first page results of Google. Plus, being a Google owned site, it’s one of the quickest ways to rank your website using videos.

Social Media Marketing is the way to go today if you want to market yourself ASAP. All the different social media platforms help you a lot in giving your brand the visibility you desire.

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