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Is your website ranking on the 1st page of Google but still lacking Leads?


Social media marketing, one of the strongest pillars of the digital marketing concept, is a powerful tool with the help of which the brands reach to the audience of their focus. Today, people are spending maximum of their leisure time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. so if some product come across them while scrolling through the social media platforms then there is a more probability of conversion than the traditional mode of marketing. Now-a-days people are in the contact with the brands through social media platforms & if the company is not doing anything in this area for the promotion of its product then it is already on backfoot.

SMM is a type of internet marketing service in which the advertiser involves in creating and publishing the content on the social media networks in order to achieve its goal of promoting & branding itself and its products. The activities involve under this marketing strategy are posting text and image updates, sharing videos and other contents that attract the targeted audience.THEWATCHTOWER.COM create strategies and plans innovative marketing techniques on the social media networks generate more revenue which in turn leads to raise in the profit share. It also helps in creating devoted brand advocates an bringing remarkable success to the company.


It is the rule of the nature that each and every object and process that we come across has pros and cons, but with the help of few considerations, the pros prevailingly dominate the cons. Just like that, advertisers have few things to take into consideration before making Social media marketing as its advertising tool to success and shine amongst the competitors.


As it is said that a precise and well described plan always leads to success, therefore planning the content to be advertised on the social media is very important for the social media marketing. The most important thing to consider for the planning is the keyword research because this will ne helpful in making the product or service visible accurately before the targeted audience and it forms the foundation of the success of the social media promotion.


The content that the companies put forward in front of the audience playsa very vital role in the success of the social media marketing because more the attractive it is, the more will be the probability of conversions its can create. The content may include social media images, videos, how-to-do guides, infographics etc. as compared to other online marketing methods, a great content has a pivotal role in case of the social media marketing. That content needs to consistent, precise and lucrative but it doesn’t mean that the same content will be used each and every time the advertisement of the product is being made. Customers always get attracted by the different methods of presenting same specifications. Therefore, the content should be refreshed frequently by keeping the core idea of the product, service or offerings same.


Social media marketing provides the immense opportunities for each and everyone to advertise, therefore it creates a huge competition in the advertisement and process of attracting the targeted audience towards your company. It is very important to track your competitors because it helps you in getting many important information like the competitive keywords, way of advertisement, method of presenting content etc. by tracking all these, you can create your own unique content for the social media knowing and understanding your competitors’ moves will always help you in leading yourself in social media advertising.


Talking only about you, yourself and your products on social media platforms sometimes lead to raise a sense of doubt in customers’ mind and they may get a negative impression. Therefore, it is always advisable to share some outside links a well in your advertisement which strengthen your words and your products. This in turn will lead to establish your offering in a customer’s mind with more genuinely. So don’t be hesitant while adding any other link that your customers will enjoy as well as it strengthens the chances of your social medial advertising success.

How SMM is Beneficial?

• With the help of social media marketing, it is possible for the companie to build conversions and raise brand awareness amongst customers.

• Since people are getting very frequent to the social media platformsso the advertisement on these platforms will bring more and more website traffic.

• Social media marketing helps in creating a direct connection between company and the customers. With the help of this, customers set belief that they can give their feedback directly to the concerned authority. So better this connection will become, the more number if brand devotees the company will enjoy.

• Social media platforms provide a base for the companies to create a brand identity. Companies can promote their services more easily and effectively on these platforms. The positive association of the customers with the brand is one of the major advantage of the social media marketing because it tends to generate more profits.

How to Do SMM?

1. Make a List of Your Objectives: Whatever we do, is always done for a reason and therefore one must be clear about the goals before starting the social media marketing. The goals can be easily determined by answering a few questions like What is the end result that you want from the online marketing, What is the reason behind doing it, What do you want to promote: a product or a service, Are you interested in building and boosting customer support services. These answers would help you in determining your objectives and hence will affect the content that you will going to publish on social media.

2. Knowledge about Your Resources: Knowing about the assets is very important in any arena. So is in the case of social media marketing. You must be very clear about the one who is going to write your content, the one who is going to maintain your social media platform accounts, the one who will become the face of your company in case of any problem put forward by the customer, the one who will take care of all proceedings in this marketing strategy. All the above information is mandatory before putting your step in the social media advertisement arena.

3. Identifying Your Audience: Not all the consumers in the market is your consideration, so you first need to know precisely about the targeted audience. After knowing this, you need to clear your mind on few more topics like your audience’s favourite social media platform, the type of content that they want, the type of information that you want to convey to your targeted audience, their likes and dislikes. The information on these are important because it will impact your content as you will make a content to become an ace of rookies among your competitors by implementing social media strategies.

4. Creating Attractive Content Now when you are thorough with your goals, your resources and your targeted audience, then your next step is focussing on a content that impresses the audience and helps in fulfilling your major goals. Making an amazingly creative content is really a tough task as it needs to be satisfied on various parameters like the trend of market, audience’s mood etc. the success of social media marketing is completely dependent on it as if the content lures the customers then your conversion rate will surge.

5. Integrate Marketing Efforts: Since social media marketing has an edge on the traditional marketing, but both has their own set of pros and cons. Companies now-a-days are focussing on both of them. So, it is necessary for them that the content used for various online marketing platforms should be synced and all of the efforts on the social media marketing must feed off each other. Cross-promoting products online and offline and simultaneously syncing the efforts on different marketing techniques form the basis for the ultimate success of the brand via online marketing as well as conventional marketing.

6.Giving Proper Amount of Time for Promotion: Being active online is mandatory in case of social media marketing because with the help of it we can understand the general demand and expectation of the customers. Creating a schedule for this considers to be the best method because with the help of it you won’t skip social media advertisement activities on any day. Also, while promoting the content online, one should consider the quality and not quantity because it is better to a small bunch of highly dedicated and engaged audience than to have a big bunch of those audiences who just sign up to follow you but then never acknowledge you again. Social media marketing is not only about the self-promotion, it is the promotion of a content with the help of everything that helps in its advertisement whether it is of the company or not of the company.

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