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Successful Video Production Projects

Our process for video production is as follows:

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This phase is the foundation of video production services. Activities like brainstorming, ideation, developing the concept, and planning is done to achieve what the client wants to showcase.


In this stage the scripts are made, locations are scouted, visual storyboards are drawn, characters, styling etc. are all taken care of. In short, this is where we prepare for all the things needed for the shoot.


We start with the filming of the concept. All the work has gone into creating the script, planning, and brainstorming takes shape now.


This phase combines the magic done in production. Editing is done to convert the rough footage into an amazingly interwoven story.


Your final product needs to reach your target audience, so our video distribution experts choose the best possible platforms and channels for you to distribute your content.

What are the benefits of using Video in your marketing strategy?

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Creating Brand Awareness

Right kind of media creates the right kind of waves.

Creating Social Engagement

Best tool to make your brand popular through social media and creating social media engagement avenues.

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Building Trust for your Brand

Consumers always go for products with good brand videos.

Competitive Ranking

Videos help in moving ahead of the competition through organic ranking.

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Platform Specific Optimized Videos

Videos optimized for mobile, tablet, desktop play an important role in the user experience.

Converting into Sales

Credible sales leads and buyers can be generated through good video content.

The Watchtower provides the following video production services:

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Animation Services

We have one of the best animation experts to transform heavy concepts into 2D/3D works of art.

On-Location Shoots

Our high-quality shoots bring the locations in your videos alive. Be it an interview, demo or testimonial etc. we specialize in video production for just about any kind of shooting.

Studio Productions

Our state-of-art studio is equipped to handle demos, news presentations, interviews, etc. Get your marketing requirements done with the best in class video production and editing services.

Vox Pop

Vox pop or Voice of the People are small snippets of videos getting honest opinion or feedback. This is a quick way of making videos for conferences, internal corporate as well as special events. It’s a crisp way of getting small videos that can be used for social media marketing.

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Explainer Videos

The best way to boost your brand is by having an explainer video in place. The way the content is presented has to be well thought of to strike a chord with your customers.

Video for Blogs & Vlogs

Nothing like a video to support your blog to give that extra mileage. Plus, if you're completely into vlogging, then look no further. We have one of the best video production services in Dubai.

Event Coverage

Our event video production services cover all kind of events which need single or multi-cam handling. We also do live streaming of the events to the platform of your choice.

Whiteboard Video Production

Animated characters, visual elements, and other creative components add value to a whiteboard presentation. Our in-house creative team has extensive exposure in adding magic to whiteboard presentation.

A video is one of the most engaging content types which can result in leads and sales. The count of indexable web pages increases by including videos in your content. It gives a face/entity to your brand. Consumers prefer videos for sharing on social media platforms which helps in giving your brand visibility.

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