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Best way to learn web design in 2021

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Best way to learn web design in 2021

One of the most appealing aspects of entering a field like web development is the ability to get started right away. Unlike many professions that require months or even years of training, web development can be started right now if you have a burning desire to learn and discover new things!

The numerous free, self-guided online web development courses that cover everything from basic programming introductions to development best practices are the best place to start getting a feel for how development works. Below, we'll look at the best web development courses and highlight what they have to offer.

1. Khan Academy
This is a fantastic learning site that covers a wide range of topics, but the computer programming section, in particular, should not be overlooked. It includes a variety of self-guided tutorials, with experts providing audio and/or video guidance on the topic while interactive on-screen windows display the code and output the results while the narration is being delivered. The Khan Academy website aims to provide a free personalized learning experience based primarily on YouTube videos. Because it includes other features like progress tracking, practice exercises, and teaching tools, the website is meant to be used as a supplement to the videos. Mobile applications are also available to access the content.

2. Codecademy 
For beginners learning the basics of web development programming, Codecademy offers a series of self-guided tutorials. You can learn the fundamental structures of front-end code like HTML and CSS before moving on to back-end languages like Ruby on Rails and Python in an in-browser, self-contained development environment. Python (pandas-Python library, Beautiful Soup-Python Library), Java, Go, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, React.js), Ruby (Ruby on Rails-Ruby framework), SQL, C++, C#, Swift, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS, are all available for free on Codecademy.

3. MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT, one of the best technical schools in the United States, offers a plethora of self-guided courses. The MIT OpenCourseware program covers an enormous range of topics, including hundreds of programming, development, mathematics, and computer engineering courses.

4. Coursera 
Offers a variety of free online courses from a variety of universities around the world. Each course has a slightly different format and timeline, but there are plenty of programming, development, and computer science courses to try out. Coursera collaborates with over 200 leading universities and businesses to provide individuals and organizations around the world with flexible, affordable, and job-relevant online learning.

5. HTML5 Rocks ​now Web Fundamentals
While the interface is a little clunky and finding relevant articles can be difficult, Google's HTML5 Rocks site offers a wide range of articles and tutorials on a variety of web development topics, with intended audiences ranging from beginners to advanced developers.

6. Coding Dojo
It's critical for new developers to become familiar with programming algorithms as soon as possible – to the point where they become second nature. Before diving into learning how to code, Coding Dojo created a free Algorithm Training Platform to help you build your coding muscles and nail coding fundamentals! The Algorithm Training Platform guides you through a series of problems that get more difficult as you progress through the levels. After each challenge, a video with a Coding Dojo instructor walks you through how he or she would solve the algorithm in their own time.

7. Alison.com 
Learn how to create a website, explore web design tools, and get started on your journey to becoming a web designer. Alison's free online web design diploma course will teach you how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create beautiful, responsive, and intuitive websites. To get started with your new website, take their free online course today.

8. Mozilla Developer Network
The Mozilla Developer Network is an incredible resource for developers of all skill levels and expertise created by Mozilla, the team behind the popular Firefox web browser. These resources, articles, and tutorials are ideal for those who prefer to absorb information and learn best by reading words and seeing examples on the page. The topics covered are diverse from basic web introductions and front-end languages to common vocabulary and optimization & performance.

I hope you took something away from this. For more information on SEO, mobile app development, and web development companies in Dubai and the UAE, contact The Watchtower, an award-winning company that can meet all of your technical needs.

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