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Questions for a Web Designer Interview

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Questions for a Web Designer Interview

Just because a beautiful and well-performing website is an online representation of a brand and for most online dwellers like myself, this foremost interaction has to be worthwhile. Worthwhile in the sense that it has the right ranking on Google upon search and more importantly the color blend, ease of navigation, load time, font size and aesthetics are smooth visually oozes what the brand represents. This for sure has to be intentional.

In Dubai, there is a list of established web designers with a good portfolio, perhaps the perfect one for your pick is just staring at you, if the worry had been how to identify them upon interview, then here comes an end to your worry.

Web designing and development are pivotal to your business and amidst the tides and hovering noise, The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai is a haven always.

In this article, I am overly excited to share with you questions that can save you from a wrong pick during a Web designer interview. So, either you are the applicant or the interviewer, these are vital points for your thoughts and anchor. Consider them thoroughly, it would certainly be of help.
Possible Questions for a Web designer Interview. 

1. How do you get your inspiration? 
Truth is, creativity cannot be used up; however, certain things spur us when working on a new design. For some it is a walk down the park, others are reading the design catalog, some it’s a visit to an art studio or review on other designer's work. The whole idea here is to leverage external factors that influence your deliverables.

2. What do you read in your leisure? 
This is quite similar to the above, however, this has to be more definite. State the blogs or websites you review or the books you consider or the video games you play.  

3. Kindly share with us some of your works? 
This affords the applicant to brag about their portfolio. Show off confidently projects you had earlier completed and the timeline. You can also cite feedbacks from the clients and how they had referred you to other clients.

4. What do you think of our project? 
This question is in place to see the creative side of the applicant. The applicant tells you what was observed and how things could be done differently with the client’s permission according to their focus.

5. Have your clients always been impressed with your work? How did you handle a dissatisfied client? 
While this is pretty tough, there is a need to be confident and establish main points as to the reason. Make mention of what was suggested to salvage the situation. And if all your client as an applicant has been happy, hey! Good for you.

6. How do you manage your time when working on more than a design? 
This is just to see how you manage your time. It is an opportunity to show flexibility and time management with conflict and more importantly delivers timely.

7. What are your frequent web design tools?
This is for you to share your expertise on platforms. You can dabble into HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. You need to tell us more about why they stand out from others.

8. Share with us your UX experience. 
You could use this medium to inquire if the team has a UX designer with whom you would like to collaborate. If this is the case, you could discuss how you would incorporate research findings into your designs. However, if otherwise, you could discuss how you use UX in your work. Share explicitly where necessary.

9. What are the first things you do once hired to design a website? 
This is just to have the applicant cite the process flow of things are done. This determines the confidence level of the client in most cases. So, must be definite and ensure not to miss out on anything.

10. How do you communicate with your team? 
So, this right here shows a level of transparency and mirrors teamwork. The client is aware you are not doing this all alone, in most cases, you would liaise with a web developer often and also clients. There are basic questions to be asked especially with the timeline, to avoid missing the goal line.

11. Which is your favorite project and why? 
You get to share with us a project that was dear to you and why the rating.
NOTE: It is better to be over-prepared than prepared, therefore do not limit the scope to just the aforementioned.

For more information on hiring a Web designer or Web design company, Website Development, Digital Marketing, and SEO, you can always trust The Watchtower, the best and award-winning Dubai and London-based Web Development Company.

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