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The New Google Structured Data Testing Tool

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The New Google Structured Data Testing Tool

After deprecating the Structured Data Testing Tool, Google is finally announcing that it will be moved to a new domain.

Google will not be shutting down the Structured Data Testing Tool after all; instead it will be migrated to another domain.

It was only 5 months ago that Google deprecated the Structured Data Testing tool, a decision that was made after moving its main features over to the Rich Results Test in the Google Search Console.

The loss of the Structured Data Testing Tool did not sit well with SEO specialists and site owners, and their disapproval was heard loud and clear.

Structured Data Testing Tool will be launched at Schema.org in April 2021

Schema.org will be the new home of the Structured Data Testing and it will re-launch with a new purpose in the coming months.

A refocused version of the tool is being migrated to Schema.org in April. When the tool re-launches it will no longer check for Google Search rich result types.

Its new purpose will be to check syntax and compliance of mark-up with schema.org standards. Site owners can use it to validate their use of schema.org properties.

SEOs and site owners can continue to use existing tools to validate rich result mark-up, such as the Rich Results Test and Search Console.

When the schema.org validator launches in April it can be used to validate other schema mark-up types that are not supported by Google at this time.

Source: Google Search Central Blog

  Jan 28, 2021     by Google     486 Views     0

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