Common problems of Digital Marketing in the Educational Sector and Solutions

Common problems of Digital Marketing in the Educational Sector and Solutions
Digital marketing is a popular name in the field of online marketing and anyone willing to make sales online and build their online presence, however, there are certain problems that one is likely to face in the world of digital marketing.  In this post, we will talk about those problems and their possible solutions. 

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1. Message
All companies have some kind of mission that is well stamped on the wall, but it is no secret to anyone that a company exists almost exclusively to generate profits.  Although profitability is essential for an education company to survive, its mission is much more important than in companies in other segments. Conveying a message that is aligned with this mission is not an easy task.

Solution: Think more like an educator and less like a marketer. You want to generate leads and you want these leads to buy. However, strictly commercial messages have a very negative effect on students.  In your messages, emphasize solving the problems your audience is facing. What course to choose? How to pay? Is your institution of quality? Is your course good? What is the expected return in my day today? Who has already studied with you? How many people?

2. Planning
There is so much that is happening around: enrollment ends, new groups are opened, others are canceled, new classes are produced and it is administered to the teaching staff, and if, in addition, the common difficulties that a person has to plan are added, that it turns the task of medium-term planning into something almost impossible.

Solution: segmentation. Planning all the marketing can be made impossible, but planning just one-course line or a large area of knowledge can be much simpler.  Keep doing what all marketing is doing and try to better plan a segment. To help you, we created a free Digital Marketing Kit for you to define objectives, set goals, and organize different projects for businesses.
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3. Authenticity
What is it that differentiates your company from the others? Talking about placing alumni in the market or the teachers' curriculum is a cliché: everyone is talking about the same thing.  Authenticity means understanding what your company seeks to be in essence and aligning the communication strategy in all digital and offline channels. This alignment process helps attract the right people as potential learners by conveying a genuine representation of the company.

Solution: Create Personas and compile real stories from students and alumni. Talk to students of distance courses or walk through your facilities to see how people feel and what motivates them to stay at your institution, and create ways to convey this message to the market.

4. Mindset
It is common for an education company to direct much of its investment in marketing to buy offline media, buy email lists or invest a lot of money in Google Ads at a cost per click (CPC) much higher than necessary.  The fact that these actions have worked well to date is a great sign of marketing strategy, but with market changes, these actions may lose value. The consumer profile, especially Education, is increasingly migrating towards the use of the Internet to make decisions and more extended research and study processes.
Solution: gradual change. Start with a small part of marketing, or experiment in a controlled environment. Show results, expand, and start over.

5. Content
Creating content is a challenge for any company. To make the courses attractive to students, the challenge is both in knowing what to write about and producing good content, as well as in managing the products that usually involve several people, not just the marketing department. 
Solution: Involve other interested people. Teachers and staff can help develop relevant content that addresses the diverse concerns of your future students. Students and alumni can produce written impressions, or show experiences in the form of photos or videos that help prospective students decide on your company.

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