Google My Business Secrets to Grow your Business

Google My Business Secrets to Grow your Business
A few things are beautiful and heart-melting for our gaze and smile, like the daily growth of a baby being captured all thanks to technology. Moments of awe are better captured in video recordings/pictures from your digital camera or the choice of smartphones taking notes of the growth process of an infant, while they are eating, teething, baby’s first word, or when they try to stand for the first time. Growth processes are always significant to any being; while a baby’s growth is assumed to default, it is often time not mentioned who helped in harnessing and supporting this growth process. 

Businesses, just as babies, are conceived, then launched for many reasons but either for the exchange of goods or rendering services. While many mothers have their regimen to how they aid their baby’s growth process, Google My Business as a mother to business owners has some regimen to help every enterprise do beyond growth but thrive in their field of relevance. 

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In this article, I will be sharing with you some information that would be beneficial to you, your business, and in the end, your bank accounts while using Google My Business. 

Let's get you started. 
I see you have created an account on Google My Business and you have been verified. Great move, I must commend. However, would you intend to leave your business to fate or be intentional with its direction? I bet the latter is your pick and just like every enterprising brand, you are always a competitor away and even if your services are top-notch, you still have the responsibility of convincing your audience with every possible action. These intentional actions are discussed below. 

The Secrets to growing your business using Google My Business

Must I remind you that Google My Business is not a business directory where you just enter a name [e.g. EzekielSmith&Co.] on the search window and voila, it shows all about EzekielSmith&Co. Think of it more like a pool of business resources where information is randomly pulled out when a similar/corresponding file name is requested. 

Once on the dashboard, Google affords and guides you on the places to insert photographs [both inside and outside your company], company logo, and videos where necessary. It is pertinent to take convincing pictures and videos since these are the determinants of what your business is as projected. 

This is documentation. On the Google My Business dashboard, you can create posts by providing content often; this could be for a new project embarked by your company, a new service or product release, a stance on a current trend, or just about anything relevant to your business. The good part is, this helps your listing and increases chances for patronage. 

Kindly ensure your content is carefully done, do not be hasty to dish out content that turns out to have errors. 

Reviews are golden; they are the windows to the business. They are the intermediary between intending clients/customers and you since they pull a great weight of sensitivity and if not carefully taken up could jeopardize your efforts. A great portion of people had concluded on picking a service or item online just by reading through reviews. 

So, you had a bad review, quit sulking! Perhaps your rating is low, quit sulking! Reviews are feedback from your client/customers, no doubt, however, whenever these feedbacks are seen, do not disregard, take note of them not just mentally but on the platform and address the situation professionally. 

Every business can simply be categorized under a sector or field which is key to helping people easily identify you as a brand, however, there is a need to change your subcategories often to spread out the scope and afford more people to consider your listing. Kindly ensure that the categories selected are not false as they match your services especially if you just got new products or services listed. 

6 Steps to updating Google My Business categories. 

1. Navigate to the Google My Business dashboard. 
2. Navigate to the Info tab. 
3. Under your company name, click the edit button. 
4. Look for a core category that is relevant to your business. 
5. Look for one or two supplementary categories that are relevant to your business. 
6. Click the Apply button. 

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