Important Information to Include on your Business card

Important Information to Include on your Business card

If there is not enough reason to have a business card, at least it is good enough to include in a bouquet sent to your loved one and for a bonus, a note inscribed just behind it. I can’t believe I just smiled typing that. [some moments huh?]

Well, this small-sized billboard has the superpowers to pave way for the holder or otherwise if the prints or other vitals are missed out.

Ok, just to clear your doubts, A business card is often a small-sized printed paper card, that contains information about your company such as its name, contact information, and brand logo. While business card design is a vital ingredient of your brand, there is a need to see it also as a visual extension of your brand, hence should churn the same energy as what you represent.

Knowing what to include and exclude from a business card, aids in the creation of a card that is both captivating and, more significantly, balanced. I understand that you want to concentrate on the visual components and text you want to include, but paying attention to the space surrounding them is equally important. If not for anything, a well-designed, layout only conveys that you are well-organized and professional.

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There are many ideas as to the information that could be buried on your business card, after all, it is a miniature billboard that simply advertise, however, we have reviewed and concluded with the list below as the most important information to include on your business card.



It is often said that if your circle of friends still calls you by your name as a business owner, then you may not be doing too much with your brand awareness. There is a need to be all up to everyone’s face with the company name, hence this should be conspicuous and carefully placed on the business card since this is the name tied to the service you render.

2.      LOGO.

This is a visual identifier of what your company does and what it stands for. It is a representation of your company and ought to serve as a souvenir for your consumers to remember you by. When a firm has a logo to its name, it appears more professional. The Logo could be in form of a text/word, shapes/objects or it could be a design that uses text and images.

3.      YOUR NAME.

The name of the cardholder should be seen to personalize interaction at the go and upon future relationship. While your full name would be ideal, others [depending on their field of the industry] includes just a name.


This can also be said as Job title which states your role in the organization as a brand. You can decide to be creative with this title, but make sure to be explicit.

5.      TAGLINE.

This is a catchy way of summarizing what you do with few words. It is a quick seller of what your service entails and makes it easily identified when anyone reaches your business card.

Example: A fashion company by the name EzekielSmith&Co. Can have a tagline as: your hub for fashionable accessories.


So, you have done well to create a relationship with your prospective client over dinner and you had extended your business card, how does he/she reach you? Ensure to include your phone number, social media accounts, email address, and office address should you have a physical building as an office. This also ripples to an increase in traffic for prospective visits to the address.

7.      WEBSITE.

Adding your URL [hopefully you had a concise one] to the details is also tantamount since this is an easy reach to a digital catalogue of your services.

8.      QR CODE.

The world is evolving, and it would be sad to be a griper in the place of innovation. Modern-day have had the introduction of QR codes to their business cards since it is a mode of easy transport to the company’s platform. QR Code means Quick Response Code, which is a barcode that once captured with your smartphone automatically transports you to [in this context] the company’s website.

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