Why is Email Effective Communication in 2022?

Why is Email Effective Communication in 2022?
Communication is essential in the way of life. A person simply can convey a uniform message symbol [which could be text, signs, videos, words, etc.] usually between self, and at least another person or a group of people. Through communication, intents are revealed, associations are created, and stronger bonds are tied. This is seen in your small vicinity, the country at large, and down to your nuclear family or relationship.  

Even at that, what is better than communication is effective communication. Effective communication is the ability for a sender to convey a message with a common message symbol via a medium to a receiver, and the receiver provides feedback. The feedback here could be as an acknowledgement that the message sent was received, or further information about the message sent by the sender. Communication is never termed effective unless feedback is provided. 

Today, we shall consider communication via email in the workplace. Why email is effective communication at the workplace in 2022 and some communication problems in the workplace. 

What makes an email effective? 
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An email can only be effective if it has clarity for both sender and receiver, such that the purpose of sending the email is achieved without hiccups. 

An effective email requires the transmission of the message in a common language, and the best of clarity requires feedback from the receiver, if not for anything at least with an acknowledgement for receipt. 

What are the issues with using emails for communication? 
Well, even the Rolls Royce in her glory has a shortcoming of not owning a spare Tyre, hence nothing is perfect. There are issues with using emails for communication, some of them have been listed below for your review. 

1. In email communication, some messages may be missed out, especially if there are a large number of them arriving and the network has no email alert system on the computers. 
2. Viruses may be transmitted via email. It's wise to be aware of this risk so one can be cautious when opening communications from unknown senders or downloading files in the boy of mail. 
3. Email is void of the human feel. Of a truth, some things are best communicated verbally or written, on the other hand, some are better relayed verbally. 
4. Emails could be misunderstood since there are no facial expressions, gestures, or tones to support your interpretation of the message in the mail. 

How do you communicate effectively by email? 
1. It is best advised that communication via email be short, concise, and straight to the point. 
2. Ensure that the email sent out is best related to the receiver’s best level of understanding. 
3. Email communication should be tailored and not generic to ensure effective communication. 
4. It gives room for clarity should the receiver have difficulty understanding a part or more in the message. 

What are communication problems in the workplace? 
In the corporate world and even a general workplace, people are misunderstood for varying reasons due to tribe, ethnicity, tutelage, perception, and others. Below are some communication problems in the workplace. 
1. Often communication problems occur when there is fear in the air. This could mean the subordinate could have sought clarity from the sender who appears to be superior, but for the sake of fear, the receiver assumes the intent of the message and there goes misunderstanding in the lobby. 
2. The choice of heavy words, grammar, wordy unclear sentences. 

How can email communication be improved in the workplace? 
People need to understand that communication requires at least two individuals, a sender, and a receiver; what more is that communication cannot be said to be effective if it doesn’t have a common language. What this means is that the sender must ensure that the information provided can be clearly understood by the receiver, and the receiver can also provide the corresponding clearly understood feedback.  

When should you not use email at work? 
An email is an effective form of communication, especially in the place of work, however not all communication should be done via email if it requires emotions, sensitivity, and need for clarity or even back-and-forth. 

You should not use email at work for sensitive issues that would require one paying attention to actions as well beyond words, this helps the sender understand to a certain level if the receiver is paying attention to what is said, and clearly understands what is conveyed. 
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