5 Unexposed Customer-Review Platforms You Need to Know About

5 Unexposed Customer-Review Platforms You Need to Know About
What is in a review? 

It turns out, a lot. 

Businesses have been thriving on customer reviews. And to be honest, having access to know what other people say about your brand has changed the way people shop. People are now far more interested in customer reviews than some sham advertising. 

And looking at this trend, brands have started to be active on different customer review platforms. This has helped them to gain social proof and credibility for their business. 

We have mentioned some of the lesser-known yet effective customer review platforms you need to be aware of. 

The Out of the Ordinary Customer Review Platforms

Customer reviews sites play an important role in any purchasing decision. Positive, negative, or even neutral reviews help business owners to develop their businesses. Using these customer reviews, any business can remove the common roadblock they are facing in the journey. Keeping that in the head, let’s brush up on the basic names of customer review platforms that you should know. 

1. Google Reviews 

What comes for free is, sometimes, taken for granted. Google Reviews is one of the most underrated platforms in the industry. It is a free service that allows Google to collect reviews for any GMB-registered business and helps them showcase when searched on Google. 

Think about it, Google has over a billion users all around the world. Imagine the impact you can gain out of Google reviews for your business. To have Google reviews for your business you just need to have a Google My Business account. It will ask you to fill out basic details like, your name of the business, phone number, and address. 

Once you are done, you can start asking your customers to leave a Google review for your business. One of the main perks of having Google reviews is that the more you have them, the more your business will rank in your area. And since it is Google everyone trusts it.  Later on, you can also embed Google reviews on websites to flaunt all the good reviews you have received. 

2. Gather Up

Another lesser-known customer review platform in the list is Gather Up. As the name suggests, Gather Up helps businesses, franchises, and agencies to gather all the reviews, customer feedback, and online reviews. 

Using the tool you can also request reviews from your customers. The tool provides a centralized dashboard. It also provides you with the ability to respond to all the customer reviews using their ready-made templates. 

3. Which? 

Which? Is an independent and unique review platform. This platform tests the products or services themselves. And then they write about it. But here is the catch. Unlike the other platforms, it is not the customers who write the reviews on Which? Rather, it is the employees at which?  

The best part is that they do not accept any testing or collaboration from anyone. They choose their product, use it for a while and write unbiased feedback about the product. Basically, they are also the customers but in a more professional way. Their website has a fully-fledged review of nearly everything under the sun. From credit cards to dishwashers, you can get a hold of all the products you wanted a neutral review of. 

4. Consumer Affairs 

On Consumer Affairs, users can write reviews and rate their experiences with businesses across a wide range of industries, including home and garden, health and wellness, finance, travel, and more. The platform is free to use for consumers and the website's stated goal is to help consumers make more informed decisions by providing a platform where they can read and share reviews.

Consumer Affairs also provides businesses with a suite of tools and services to manage and improve their online reputation. Businesses can respond to reviews, track trends, and receive feedback from customers. Moreover, Consumer Affairs provides businesses with resources and best practices for managing customer feedback and improving their overall customer experience. As a business owner, you can also allow your customers to leave review recordings. These can be two-minute videos where your customers can talk about their experience with your product. 

5. Complain.biz 

Complain.biz goes beyond simple posting bad reviews / complaints; it actively facilitates the resolution process by directly engaging with businesses on behalf of the consumer. From sending professional complaint letters to sharing complaints on social media for amplified visibility, Complain.biz ensures that customer voices are not only heard but prioritized.

What sets Complain.biz apart is its dedication to not just airing complaints, but to actively seeking resolutions. Through innovative AI-driven features it creates multiple pathways for effective communication between customers and businesses.

In A Nutshell 

The final question remains, which is the best customer review platform that I, as a business owner, should use? The answer is simple; whatever r customer review platform your target audience is active on. 

If you find out that your target audience is comfortable using Google review platform, it is advised you stick to the platform. And to make things more effective, you can also embed Google reviews on websites. 

Similarly, if your target audience likes to check out Influencer, you can rely on the platform as well. So what are you waiting for? 

We have jotted down some of the best and out-of-the-box customer review platforms that you should be aware of. Try them and earn your success. 

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