Digital identity Theft and Protection in 2022

Digital identity Theft and Protection in 2022
Globalization may appear a big word, at least it's easier to spell than Hippopotamus [I hope I got that correctly], but does that change the concept of how things are done now? Let me throw in more light, history will take credits saying Globalization began in 1492 when Christopher Columbus commenced on a journey outside their terrain. Some talks by the baby boomer generation. The millennials on the other hand would probably say globalization came to be after the advent of the internet. 

The internet afforded us several perks, and I could juggle your memory with mentions of the Hotmail domain, yahoo messenger, myspace, and other things that got to us from the get-go. But in all of this, communication was the common ground. With the use of the internet, we were able to access, share, receive, or communicate with individuals we have never seen, perhaps in a different continent. Oh my! Did I miss out on the webcams? Another live video-aided device to help our communication in globalization. 

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But do all medications have side effects? Well, I am not a doctor or pharmacist to confirm this, but one side effect evident in globalization is digital identity theft. 

Today, let's have a look at digital identity theft and protection in 2022. 

What is identity theft? 
Identity theft is an occurrence whereby one’s unique identification is used by a third party under pretence without the owner’s permission to create fraud or commit a crime. 

Identity theft could come as a picture mismatch, name, social security number, credit card number, passport, etc. 

What is digital identity theft? 
Just like the disruptive move from analogue media into digital media, identity theft has moved from just casual, leveraging on globalization, the internet, and has been sighted in the digital space as well. 

Digital identity theft is the same as identity theft, only that its mode of operation is via the digital space. To think that our information, be it personal, or business is out there for review, modification, and manipulation, makes one think again if the side effect of the digital space is not more than its original medicine of globalization. 

Digital theft has been one of the reasons why internet fraudsters breathe, the reason why robbery attacks are easily initiated, the reason why assassinations, terrorist attacks, virus intrusion are possible. 

What does identity theft protection do? 
Identity theft protection simply protects your personal information, such that when your information considered personal are being accessed online, the rightful owner will be alerted at once. 

Such that, in the case where your social security number, credit card, bank account numbers, medical ID, and the likes show up on a website/online, the account holder gets an instant notification confirming status and if the process was not initiated by self, it becomes flagged immediately and a possible trace commences. 

How does identity theft protection work? 
Identity theft protection works by seeking assistance from identity theft protection services. 

While there are a number of them out there depending on your location, preference, and budget, identity theft protection services would help fight the fraudsters by alerting and blocking any of your listed personal identity for your security. 

Identity theft protection services come with monthly plans; however, you may need to conduct your research or get a recommendation before settling for any.  

Should you get identity theft protection? 
This should help: In Computer engineering, it is often said that it is better to have preventive maintenance than to have corrective maintenance. 

Likewise in insurance, it is better to pay your premium, than gripe over car accident repairs or theft when need be. My point? If you have some of your footprints all over the internet conducting online transactions, and the likes, it is advised that you get your identity theft protection service right away. 

Digital identity theft is a big deal, and since we live in the digital age, you could as well get a bodyguard in the place of digital theft protection service this 2022 to have you safe from all possible outcry the internet or globalization could bring. 
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