Where to store videos online

Where to store videos online
We are capturing more of our daily lives than at any other moment in history, thanks to the fact that most of us now have incredibly high-quality cameras on our phones. Saving all of those photographs and movies for memory consumes a lot of memory storage. Here's where cloud storage comes in handy. When you take photos or record videos with your phone, the images are saved as data. Many times, people accumulate so much data that their phones, as well as their home PCs or laptops, run out of memory.

You may transfer the data to a third party, who will then host it in the cloud, using cloud storage. The "cloud" is essentially a collection of data centers that may be situated anywhere in the world. These data centers can store considerably more data than any individual could ever imagine storing locally.

In this post, we will look at where to store videos online

1. MediaFire
MediaFire allows you to save up to 10 GB of any type of content for free, view it from anywhere, and distribute it by email, link, or social network. However, downloads of such files are "ad-supported." So, if you find ads bothersome, this is something to think about.

2. pCloud
provides 10 GB of free storage and claims to be utilized by employees at Nike, Twitter, Coke, and dozens of other well-known firms.

3. Microsoft OneDrive is a technological giant
Microsoft's OneDrive Basic plan includes 5 GB of free online storage. When you use Office applications to access your files, the plan promises a "lightning-fast search" and a "premium web-based experience."

4. Google Drive is a cloud storage service.
With Google Drive, which provides a staggering 15 GB of free cloud storage simply by signing up for a Google account. To put things into perspective, that's enough capacity to store around 9,000 photos on average.

Google Drive lets you upload, share, and view your files from any device, anywhere in the world. Another cloud storage option worth considering is Google Photos. You may save up to 15 GB of photographs and movies with a free account. With Google One, you can also upgrade to 100 GB for $1.99 per month.

5. iCloud
Apple's iCloud is another free storage solution with a fee. If you own an Apple product and have an Apple ID, you immediately receive 5 GB of free cloud storage. Even if you don't have an Apple ID, you may still sign up for 1 GB of free storage.

6. Sync.com
Sync.com provides 5 GB of free storage and guarantees that you could access your files from anywhere, on any device. Sync promises to have "end-to-end" encryption to safeguard your privacy, as well as other security features such as the ability to restrict file access rights.

7. Amazon Drive is a storage service provided by Amazon.
Amazon Drive may offer the finest "free" storage option available, but there is a catch: you must be a member of Amazon Prime to qualify.If you are, you could save an infinite amount of images and 5 GB of video for free.

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