How do you develop an influencer marketing strategy?

How do you develop an influencer marketing strategy?
Being a King is Royal; something that comes with a demographic, and by nature of procreation, dwellers/residents come about depending on the gender ratio. God bless the King, right? Yeah!  

It gets easy to term a King as an influential person, based on the perks of royalty and the number of people in his Kingdom; but imagine having ties with other kingdoms, and distant territories, and still be relevant, carrying the same sceptre of command as though still within your kingdom, well that is the power of leverage, an analogy only influence marketing can best tell. 

In today’s read, I will share with you how to develop an influencer marketing strategy for an everyday business to stand out and be successful. 

What about influence? 
You may not best explain what influence is until you see the flux of crowd mentality or the authority you possess from mere words, actions, the style that comes subtly without a tone of command.  

Influence has been observed as a psychological might that subtly permeates the minds of the audience even in their subconscious. From all indications and scenarios, influence is a form of power, and if utilized well, it can be sort for a marketing strategy in Digital media. 

What is an influencer marketing strategy? 
Influencer marketing is a tactic for identifying people with a lot of clout in a brand's sector or target market. A brand creates a relationship with an influencer in which the influencer leverages his/her audience to promote the brand's message or content as part of an influencer marketing plan agreed by both the influencer and the brand. And there goes an influencer marketing strategy. 

What is an influencer marketing platform? 
An influencer can spread the wand of affluence through any means to stir up action through the audience of the influencer. 

An Influencer marketing platform is a software system developed to assist businesses with their Influencer Marketing Campaigns. Influencer Marketing Platforms provide businesses and agencies with influencer finding tools, as well as vast searchable databases of potential influencers based on smart algorithms that serve for necessary output.  

Influencer marketing platforms provide businesses with a complete solution for finding social influencers. 

What makes influencer marketing successful? 
Influencer marketing is successful because it employs strategies such as word-of-mouth marketing and social proof, both of which are now essential components of any successful marketing plan. Customers have greater faith in their colleagues or acquaintances, and individuals they like than in the firms that provide the products and services they use. 

What is an example of influencer marketing? 
To reach their target demographic, several businesses employ influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is used by major businesses such as Adidas, Rolex, and Pepsi. A good example is sports brand Adidas, which had for years used influencers in their bid for marketing, and end up converting and selling its products.  

With the tool of influencer marketing, especially on certain platforms that has a unique reach like Instagram, brands can reach a younger population and stir up possible conversion. 

Another example is the Rolex wristwatch, which has been identified as an aesthetic of the opulent, and what better sport sells class than Golf? Of course, good influencer marketing would be easily deployed and the leverage on the star’s audience permeates possible sales. The list is endless when it comes to influencer marketing. 

How do you develop an influencer marketing strategy? 
1. Create the product/service to influence
There is a need to identify what you choose to sell to your audience, be it for sales or information for awareness. It is key that you have something to sell to your audience. This can be told for your content after which you can manipulate it to however it suits you. 

2. Identify the purpose of influence 
In direct copywriting there or digital marketing as a whole, there has to be a purpose because a product or service is influenced, and action is expected after the influencer markets the content. This phase is usually called CTA [Call to Action]. 

The purpose of influencing could either be to spread a piece of information or to create a sale/service. 

3. Identify the channels to market your strategy
There is a need to note who your audience is, and then you can decide the best platform to leverage for your marketing strategy.
4. Identify the right influencers to match your message.
No one wants to confuse your crowd by the influencer you choose to identify with your brand. 

5. Make your message clear
Ensure to have a clear message and concise throughout the marketing journey. When the message is kept simple helps the retention of your intent and an easier CTA. 
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