How to Improve Images for your Online Store

How to Improve Images for your Online Store
The word capture always comes to mind when I consider captions, whether captions for posts and all that comes mind, my ultimate aim asides from that my audience understands my intent, is to set an ignition in their mind and most case-reach out to me. 

Arguably, we do, as they say, but with our eyes. Our purchasing decisions are often influenced by what we find visually appealing. Little wonder why I honestly feel perfecting a product image on your eCommerce platform should be your top priority. Product images are created with a single goal in mind: to capture the attention of the audience. Get their attention first of all and let it wander. 

Your eCommerce platform should consciously strive to elicit positive emotions and thrills in the audience, or should I say happy browsers, who have a much higher chance of converting into buyers. The look and feel of your online platform say a lot about your brand, the type of customer you're marketing to and can give you a good idea of your product's price point. 

I understand you have a bunch of things to channel your time on, and just maybe devoting some extra time to multiple pictures of your product/service just for the perfect image to be posted on your platform appears luxury, perhaps you could require the service of a professional photographer, just get those awesome images for the brand. 

How do you save time while improving the quality of your product images? 

Here are some insights: 

My Selfie lovers can attest that 'lighting is everything. Well, the same weight comes to play when taking product images, lighting can make the difference between a good image that converts into sales, and a bad one that gets ignored by your online audience.  
You could implore the use of artificial lighting by using a DIY light-box or a backdrop with umbrellas and reflectors. Ensure to get shots with and without the flash for comparison then you could take a pick on the best. 

After you've gone through the trouble of removing background distractions, be conscious not to let the product's shadow steal the show while taking a picture. Should you want to add depth to your image, try using reflection shadows or a 'Mirror Effect,' which can give your images a more polished look. 

The magic that comes with white background is quite unexplainable. The reason is simple: it eliminates unnecessary distractions, creates consistency, and places your product at the center of attention. You would agree with me that a white background creates a much cleaner, more professional finish and allows colorful products to pop. 

Most of the time, your products require a support platform to add some zing to their appearance. For example, if you're attempting to showcase a product that doesn't stand on its own, a mannequin or a subtle, non-distracting display ornament would be ideal. This will display your items in a way that gives your customer an idea of the overall size by contrasting the object and the background. 

It's all in the details when it comes to selling online! When you go to the trouble of taking a variety of product photos, you must back it up with product detail. While it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is not a bad idea to include some product information. If it appears you're unsure what to include, compile the most frequently asked questions from your customers and include the answers in the description for your product/service. 

Depending on the shape, color, size, and nature of a product, it may be necessary to photograph it from various angles. When experimenting with new methods, always check metrics by tracking and analyzing shopper engagement levels. This will assist you in deciding which photo to use as your featured image. 

To be sure, it's a good idea to experiment with a few different product photography formats, but let me emphasize that consistency is key. The sole goal is to get the shopper to associate positive thoughts with your platform and avoid activating critical thoughts, which is a major sales turn-off. 

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