How to Use Instagram Reels for Your Brand Tips and Examples

How to Use Instagram Reels for Your Brand Tips and Examples
The Instagram reel has been a favorite go-to video content for Genz since the very beginning. In the last two years after its release, Instagram has become the fastest and the most accepted feature of Instagram. In 2021, brands that have used Instagram reel have been said to gain a pike in their page engagement and following. 

Currently, Instagram gives a duration of 90 seconds to showcase your talent, brand stories, and everything. 

Yet brands and creators struggle to have a way with Instagram reels. Therefore in this blog, we are going to discuss how to use Instagram Reels for your brand.

Instagram Reels Marketing Tips

Tell them about your brand story 
People love to hear stories. Storytelling builds trust, empathy, and compassion. When someone listens to your story rather than data and statistics, they begin to see themselves in your shoes. You can hit on the nail by acknowledging the struggles of people.

Every time you tell them about your mistakes and struggles they connect with you even more. You can also incorporate the case studies into your brand story. 

Offer discounts or tricks on Reel
Instagram Reels statistics show that offering discounts on reels is a great way to boost your reel views.

A simple trick of offering to early reel viewers is a great way to establish a FOMO. This way you can get the engagement on your reels as soon as you post. 

This will tell the Instagram algorithm that your content is amazing and eventually it will help your reels fetch views on a priority basis. 

Show your BTS 
BTS means behind the scenes. In online marketing terms, it is basically the unedited and raw form of content of what your business does. 

If you haven't started sharing the behind-the-scenes of your business, you should start doing this ASAP! Simply sharing a desk setup or the scenes of a shoot will help your target audience to understand that your brand has a human touch.

Behind your scene is an authentic way of is effective because it gives a genuine way to connect with your customers. 

Introduce your team via Reels
People love to see the behind-the-brand face. They want to see your team members and know about business on a deeper level. And even if you do not have a team, don't worry.

If you are active on reels, you must have seen one of those reels where the one member small business owner takes a small video and explains their roles. This will help the viewers to attain an honest relationship with your customers. 

According to Growthoid, NBA teams’ reels have gained 22% more engagement. 

Embed Instagram Reel on Website
If you have a business website, embedding your Instagram reels on website will help you to fetch more views. You can do this by using any social media aggregator tool.

This will make your website even more visually appealing for your visitors. The reel widget will make your website engaging and the visitors will see your latest reels without having to leave the webpage. 

This entire process will reduce the bounce rate and eventually this will help your website to gain more traffic. Moreover, the widget will make your website eye-pleasing. 
Show Off Your Products 
The Instagram reel is a better platform for brands. A reel is an excellent way to showcase your products without sounding too promotional. You can also demonstrate how to use your newly launched products. Brands like Sephora always release a reel for their new or even old products. This helps the audience to get a user manual before buying the products. 

Demonstrating high-quality products helps the customers get a good feeling about your product.

Announce Giveaways in Reels 
Giveaways are the best way to give back to your customers. This creates loyalty with your followers. If you want to drum up your Giveaways, the Instagram reel is the best way to announce your giveaways. 

People love to participate in giveaways, provided the giveaways have fewer terms and conditions. A giveaway with a lot of terms and conditions is a turn-off for the customer. 

Therefore it is better to have a simple giveaway with a gift that aligns with your brand.
With the insights that Instagram reels provide, you can always track what is working for you and your brand. Using this feature you can plan your content beforehand. You can also figure out when your followers are online. 

So many brands and creators out there are churning out the benefits of Instagram reels. Brands like H&M  Fashion's recent  Instagram reel have 321k views. With constant efforts and proper planning, you can also achieve these metrics. 

Good luck trying out these tips to grow your Instagram reel views. 
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