6 Ideas for Social Media Videos

6 Ideas for Social Media Videos
Creating videos can feel like an overwhelming experience at first. It is not an unusual experience to second guess your own ability to make a video that you intend for public consumption. You might even end up having more questions than answers at the beginning. What should be included in the video? How long should it be? What type of music should I use?

It is therefore my hope that with these ideas of short social media videos, you will find some inspiration for what kind of videos you should be making as well as the answers to your questions.

1. How-to, tips, or tutorial
How-to videos are extremely popular on YouTube and Facebook. They are also referred to as ‘Do-It-Yourself’ videos (DIY). These types of videos provide simple instructions on how you can get certain things done yourself around the home or office. 

DIY videos are very popular with viewers because of the way they make otherwise complex problems look simple or easy enough to tackle on your own. These hack videos provide self-made solutions to everyday problems that need solving.

Check out YouTube for these kinds of videos to help you understand the kind of video you would probably be making.

2. Customer testimonial
GoPro wanted to drive up the sales of their drone, GoPro Karma, and to introduce its new features; they set up a video interview with three customers to provide testimonials on the drone's performance. 

Customer testimonial videos are an especially useful sales strategy for corporate organizations and manufacturers. After all, the best form of advertisement is a satisfied customer or client.

So, you can get into producing customer testimonial videos for manufacturers, businesses, or organizations. 

3. Events
The good thing about making event videos is that there is never a paucity of events to shoot. You can decide to get into making events videos for yourself like what got Nas into the social media limelight.

4. Behind-the-scenes
Behind-the-scenes videos are also very interesting options for those looking to decide on what kind of social media video they should be making. These types of videos provide interesting takes or insights into the goings-on before, during, and after certain events or processes. 

They are particularly interesting as they enable the public to have an idea of how certain video events they have seen were made possible. It could be a behind-the-scene shoot of the preparation process for a film shoot, a wedding event, a factory production process, etc.

5. Product launch
These types of videos are also quite popular. They help introduce particular products to the public providing information on the products and their benefits to potential users and customers. Facebook has a lot of these videos on its platform.

6. User-generated content
Feedbacks from customers and clients can provide interesting ideas for video content. For instance, Starbucks made a compilation photo of their most iconic holiday cups from its customers and transformed it into a simple video slideshow.

There are tons of ideas for making social media videos on the internet. All you need is a little bit of research, decision-making, and proper planning to get you on the bandwagon of making short social media videos.

Whichever you decide on, just make sure you understand what is required to create good videos in terms of equipment and production. And don’t forget to consult other people’s work. You just might find the right inspiration you need to get you started.  
At Watchtower.com, we take pleasure in producing high-quality films, and a video with unwanted background noise or poor, artificial lighting is not the type of job we want to undertake for any customer. It is our responsibility to ensure that you look and sound excellent. And these are just a few of the ways we do it for you.

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