Core Stages of Website Development Ep3 | Web Design Dubai

Core Stages of Website Development Ep3 | Web Design Dubai

The development process is also called the 'implementing phase. Now, this is the stage in which it begins to implement your actual website. The development phase is also an important phase in the design of the website. Here, all the data we collected from the initial phases are integrated. Database creation, logic, and actual programming are done here.

At this stage, developers are currently designing your website to run codes. To make it function and run smoothly, the website developer will use codes on this site. In terms of graphic design, it is the most important step in development in the previous stage. A home page is first developed according to sitemaps. You may begin to make the website here finally. Additional elements designed for an actual web design in the previous steps are used. The landing or the main page is generated most of the time first and then, as specified in the site map, all other web pages are added.

Coding is programming, development of websites, construction of websites. It has many names, but people sometimes don't know it is / it's a phase. But this is the bit that gives you a website!

Even if you use software or website creation tools they generate code in order to tell computers how your site is to look and behave. All websites and applications are written in code. Instead of using code-creation tools, we recommend using a website developer who can write this code manually by themselves. This is just so that your development team, when you ask for a change, is not constrained by the tools that they use. There is also a lot of knowledge and experience with hand-coding and how things work with all aspects of your site.

The front-end code is when the website programmers write a browser's code, typically in HTML5 and CSS3, that tells the browser how you interpret your page design. The code will actually state, "there's a box and it's right, and it's x broad and has a very thin gray border on a blue background." But they just don't type it! They type the code – depending on their preferences, the browser understands it in various programming languages.

Back-end code is what allows your website to do smart things like sending messages, allow people to log in, update your pages by interacting with your database, and a variety of other technical things behind the scenes. This could be PHP if your website is "open source," or it could be if it isn't. These are just a few of the programming languages that are available.

Then, somewhere in the middle, you can get code called JavaScript, which does smart things and can talk to the Back-end if it wants to, all while looking cool and giving nifty Front-end effects like images moving or allowing you to drag things around.

Example of Back –end code using Javascript

//simple function

function vehicle(name,maker,engine){

      = name;

               this.maker = maker;

               this.engine = engine;


//new keyword to create an object

let car = new vehicle('GT','BMW','1998cc');

//property accessors




If the company you've found isn't experienced enough or doesn't know how to code, projects can fall apart at this point. There are a lot of companies that offer web design in Dubai and can create great simple brochure sites, but they won't be able to build you a system that has to do exactly what you want.

Even if you use an online website builder, code is still written behind the scenes, but the provider of the online tool has created a smart website that can write that code for you. And while that's great for a brochure site, it does have limitations; no piece of software can be created (yet!) that can create a fully customized complex system. You'll need an experienced programmer who can write hundreds of lines of dots and dashes to accomplish this.

Many website designers use software like WordPress to create attractive websites. WordPress is incredibly popular around the world because you don't need to know any code to install a theme and upload it to a server. (Or, for those who know how to code, you can take it a step further.) However, if you're paying someone to build a website, you can make sure they know how to code in case you need it. Yes, they may be more expensive, but you're paying for experience and expertise, and you'd be surprised how even the most basic of tasks are handled differently by someone who's worked on the web for a long time.

Understanding the fundamentals of development can help you design in a variety of ways, including taking into account all stages of creation and implementation. You'll be able to consider things like loading times, code complexity, and code maintenance that you might have ignored otherwise. It will make decision-making easier for you, and they will be based on technical and legitimate reasons rather than personal conclusions. Learning to code will empower you to turn your designs into fully functioning, basic prototypes.

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