Disruptive Technology for Responsive Web Design 2022

Disruptive Technology for Responsive Web Design 2022
Come to think of it now, I haven't been into the bank for a transaction in over 4 years, or is it 5 years? and I have been actively initiating transactions of all types. Quite a thing of thought you know, because there was a time when I knew I needed to get to the bank to even pass a withdrawal of just a few bucks I was not proud to wait on the line for, considering people who had heavy transactions that give tips after they are attended to. I mean I could have given tips to the teller as well, even though I queued for fewer funds, but that’s not what we are all about today. [giggles] 

My angle is this: technology sure made banking seamless over time, one of the highlights was the invention of the magic card... Debit/Credit card. With this, you could conduct your transactions via the virtual space or just get in line at an ATM [Automated Teller Machine] point.  

Another of its kind is online banking, and then mobile apps where you could do almost anything on the go... seamlessly, of course with the aid of your mobile device.  

These technologies that suddenly come to change the way people do things [like it changed the game of banking] are called Disruptive technology. 

What is disruptive technology? 
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Disruptive technology is one that suddenly changes the way and pattern of an established process to make processes now simplified for the consumers. 

Disruptive technology would alter the existing technology to create a new market path and industry for not just the user, but for the entire business spectrum. 

What is an example of disruptive technology?  
For today’s learning, a good example of disruptive technology was seen in the invention of mobile phones and UX/UI [User Experience/User Interface] of graphic design/web designs in web pages. Before now, you must have experienced especially when smartphones just became a thing, that you tried to open a website on your mobile phone, and all you see was distortion, texts scattered without any picture entirely different from what you have on your website. Well, you either use it or go back to a PC [Personal computer], pick a struggle. 

But then, new markets came to be, just as the definition of disruptive technology and web designs got better, mobile designs were also factored in, and web developers created designs in tune with present-day reality, a responsive web design. 

What is a responsive web design? 
I like how Wikipedia puts it, it says: Responsive web design or responsive design is an approach to web design that aims to make web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes from minimum to maximum display size to ensure usability and satisfaction. 

What this simply means is that the web designs created for a website you intend to open [compared to previous analogy on using the mobile phone to launch a website] are loyal to re-adjust to any smart device/gadget you decide to open it on. This could range from your mobile phones, tablets, smart TV, smartwatch, etc. 

What is design disruption? 
Design disruption is designed freshly birth by innovators or creators that interrupts the order and manner of how designs were done, to give room for new technology, market, target audience, and certainly a new reason to smile to the bank. 

Design disruption usually changes the order, procedures, process flow of a system. If done rightly enough, it is a landmark or for a better revolutionary move that corrects the path people did accept, while they embrace the new reality of design. 

What are the five disruptive technologies? 
While disruptive technologies are in great number to the existence of time and history, here are some of the recent technologies you could easily relate which have been monumental as disruptive technologies. They are: 
1. IoT [Internet of Things] 
2. Blockchain Technology  
3. 3D Printing. 
4. AR/VR [Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality] 
5. AI [Artificial Intelligence] 

Disruptive Technology for Responsive Web Design 2022 
The world of responsive web design gets more interesting every day, as web designers and developers continually strive to create a new design that would disrupt responsive web design in 2022 compared to the new normal. 

If not for anything, I am certain that with the Metaverse being a new sensation with AR/VR, disruptive technology for responsive web design in 2022 would be the synchronization of accessing web pages through the AR/VR seamlessly. 
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