Facebook transition to Meta and its impact on technology in UAE

Facebook transition to Meta and its impact on technology in UAE
The weight of how earthlings have been unconsciously interwound with social media was never this clear until October 4th, 2021, when the social network Facebook and its subsidiaries experienced a shut down for almost 7 hours.  

Looking back, it was different things to different people, while religious bodies had assumed this was the sign for the apocalypse. Virtual businesses experienced loss, since no feeds or indicators; and others just had a review of how innovation had made us apart from physical friends and found solace in the virtual world. 

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Well, like every bad thing has an end, Facebook came back, and maybe lost some trust with its users... at least the deep thinkers. Fast forward to many weeks later, the social network giant transitioned from Facebook into Meta. 

While change is inevitable, and rebranding is acceptable, provided it is for an upward swing; the impact on technology in the UAE [United Arab Emirates] would be carefully reviewed in today’s topic. 

Why Facebook changed its name to Meta
The company Facebook Inc. had to sort out expansion, a business needed to extend tentacles away from the social network platforms. It signifies the growth opportunities that the company intends in diversification and a prospective reason for investors to smile. 

While it is understandable that people panicked over the sudden change of name, especially when this was communicated after the 7 hours hiatus earlier experienced weeks back. Could Meta imply rebranding, as it is conceived, or a purchase by a new bidder? This and more are the questions on everyone’s lips. 

"Today we are perceived as a social media business, but in our DNA, we are a company that produces technology to link people, and the metaverse is the next frontier, much like social networking was when we started," says Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta.

The new name is based on the sci-fi phrase metaverse, which defines the company's vision for Augmented Reality [AR] and Virtual Reality [VR] in the virtual world.

1. How has Facebook’s change of name to Meta impacted the UAE? 
One would have assumed it must have been the same mixed feelings aired by most spelt users of the platforms, however, the Middle East had a different view about Meta. 

For anyone who has keen attention to the UAE can tell easily how the country has been intentional about innovation, likewise technology. Facebook’s choice of expanding horizon with its Metaverse technology and its ability to incorporate the use of the internet with both Augmented and Virtual Reality is welcoming.  

However, the Middle East has had reservations, going by the information from Facebook Whistleblower by name Frances Haugen, who allegedly revealed internal documents which posed as the dangerous reality of the company today. 

Another cause for the people of the UAE to lose faith is the account of a Dubai-based employee who revealed records in May indicating a dramatic drop in trust for Facebook among its Middle Eastern users.

While these could be mere allegations, similar issues have in the past been seen from other social media companies, and treated with disregard, after which a little distraction comes up to dissuade people from the picture. 

2. What does the future hold for Meta after its transition from Facebook to the UAE? 
The UAE has a number of IT [Information Technology], and technology savvy enthusiasts, who away from the mixed emotions surrounding the Middle East and the social networking platforms, would look forward to the use of the Internet with AR and VR for their routines. 

3. Is metaverse the same as Facebook? 
Facebook is the same as Metaverse or Meta as the case may be. The company has decided to move forward in the ever-expanding world of the Internet with the 'Metaverse,' which aims to raise the bar for both VR and AR.  

In keeping with this achievement, the social media behemoth changed its name to Meta on October 28th. 

4. What is the purpose of Metaverse? 
According to Time Magazine, the goal of Meta is to create a superimposition of our digital and physical lives through the use of VR, AR, or simply the screen. 

A world that has both the physical and the digital space interwound while we carry out our daily routine in any sector. 

Would the change of name from Facebook to Meta affect the social platforms? 
Those concerned about how the platform's services could be affected by the name change should be aware that no new features or layouts have been announced, and the usage rules will stay the same.

In clear terms, the name change would not affect Facebook or any of its subsidiaries. 
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