Few Points to Consider Before Hiring a Web Designer

Few Points to Consider Before Hiring a Web Designer

Communication, as we understand, is the sharing of message symbols between two people or more. If I remember those days in school so well, it was said that communication is only effective when there is a common message symbol, a medium to convey the message, and an avenue for feedback. Imagine you trying to give a hand signal in the dark to the supposed receiver, or talking to someone who had lost his hearing balance, the sender sure sent a message but was not received by the receiver in both cases.

A completed Web design or Website in its entirety is a carefully thought and intentional representation of a brand. A brand here could mean a chain of products or services listed to visually tell a mesmerizing story that should convince and, in the end, translate to a sale. The Watchtower - the leading Web Design Agency in Dubai is your best bet for creative Web design and they made this platform possible.

Research has shown that a large portion of business owners in Dubai have an active online presence, while the range of businesses might be similar, there is need to be exceptional and more convincing to capture a prospective client since he/she might just be a click away from trading with your competitor. It has to be a stop-by and close-sale kind of online image.

A Website is an integral part of a business for any business owner in this new age. While we may still have the conventional who seek services or purchase from a brick-and-mortar office, the new age does everything online, hence why you should also be online.

So, you are fired up and want to take the business online. Here are few things To Consider Before Hiring a Web Designer in Dubai.

5 Things to consider before hiring a Web designer in Dubai


Yes, I know your purpose is to have a running website that would translate to sales and you smile to the Bank. However, there must be some background purpose to why your sudden need for this service. It could be to have an online dominance; it could be to migrate or convert possible walk-in customers to online, it could be to get closer with clients with newsletters, push notifications, Search Engine Optimization [a must], database, or more. Whatever it might be, you need to identify it/them first so you can measure your progress.


There is a list of Web designers out there, but which can you afford? Have a range of what you are willing to pay for the service. Have a review on charges before you pick a mark; don’t pin a budget to something that is not feasible. A good web design would cost some good money but work within a budget after review.


So, you have picked some designers for review, kindly do a thorough check on their portfolio. Check with their catalogues of designs and the websites in operation. Consider the number of projects handled, consider the brands in question by clients, consider or discuss what those clients wanted while you review with the delivery.


I believe you have considered and identified why you intend to run your website and the best the Web designer would do is to convey the information you have provided. There is a special need to have captivating images and exquisite content to match the Web design. This may take time; you could employ the skills of professionals for content writing and photography where necessary. Just gather quality data.

5 - TIME

How long would you have this process or designing run, when would you want it completed and running? Give a target to the designer after providing all necessary information including remuneration based on your agreement. Ensure to work with a feasible time plan that, would help in accounting for your progress report eventually.

In conclusion, there is an absolute need to be true to yourself. Pinpoint your objectives and be careful enough to convey your vision to the Web designer. If you convey these well enough to the professional, you are sure to see a visible effect in your online reach, provided your services or products as a business owner are germane.

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