How to remove a property from google search console

How to remove a property from google search console
Every now and again, you'll need a little help tidying up once a project has ended. In this respect, Google Search Console is no different from other search engines. Google Search Console property removal is explained here.

We begin by removing the following from the project's Google Search Console view
  1. Ensure that the property in question is selected. As a result, you may lose access to Search Console data for the incorrect project. If you haven't already, you can delete a project by clicking here
  2. Next, go to the bottom of the sidebar to find the following information
  3. Non-owners can delete their properties from their own list, as well.
  4. Users have the ability to delete a property from their own list of favorites.
The following are the implications of removing a property:
  1. The deleted property will no longer be notified of your actions.
  2. Users will not be harmed if other confirmed property owners remain.
  3. If you click on the prop, you will not be able to view any information about it
To permanently remove a property (owners only)
If you are a verified owner, you have the option of permanently removing your account. The property will need to be verified again (or someone else must add it) if you want access to it again.

It's time to get rid of that access token you needed to prove ownership! Defined as the removal of HTML tags from a site's homepage or TXT verification entries from the domain host, these are examples of verifications that must be removed. You must delete your own token; deleting someone else's token will result in the removal of their access.

  1. Click Remove property from the Settings page.
Removing a property from someone else's account has the following rules and effects:
  1. Any user can be denied access by the owner.
  2. To remove access for another owner, you must also delete their access token (HTML file, meta tag, etc.) The next time Google detects the access token, ownership status will be re-granted to the deleted owner.
  3. After someone else's account is removed, they will no longer be able to log in and access the property.
  4. Access must be given again by an owner or the removed user must authenticate themselves as outlined in Verification before regaining access.
  5. After 18 months, the verification history of the removed user for the property will be erased.
To remove a property from someone else's account:
  1. Remove them if they are an owner by following the procedures.
  2. You can remove them by following the guidelines for deleting users if they are not an owner.
Deleted properties in Google Search Console have repercussions.
  1. Delete the property from the search console if you want to remove it. Search performance data from the past will be lost (from which Keyword, you are getting how many impressions, your SERP Rankings, etc).
  2. After canceling the account, you will also lose the international targeting (if you have it configured to target a certain country).
  3. As a result, you will no longer be able to regulate the sitemap contribution of your site. Google will pick which pages to index.
  4. Sitelinks, which display in Google's search engine when someone searches for your brand name, will no longer be in your control.
  5. This means that you won't be able to delete any URL from Google.
Important notice 
The trash can will permanently erase your property and all of its reported views 35 days after it's been moved there. Deleted properties cannot be retrieved and reports cannot be restored.

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