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Is Flutter a good choice?

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The place of choice itself is a selection from a variant of at least two entities for the basis of comparison. Google, which has continually and almost seemed effortless, walked down another path to birthing new technologies like Flutter; just as the slogan “Keep Walking” by the popular scotch whisky brand - Johnnie Walker, Google never stopped walking the paths of seamless processes for the modern-day tech-savvy human and in the context of this read, for the mobile app developers.

The world of mobile app development has enjoyed a continuous boom and recent applications have made mobile app development less tasking which provides more room for creativity for the developer rather than being soaked in design and development. 

In this article, I will be glad to explain what Flutter is all about and save you the stress of settling between if it is a good choice or otherwise. 

What is Flutter? 
According to Wikipedia, Flutter is an open-source UI [User Interface] Software Development Kit [SDK] created by Google. Using a single codebase, it is possible to create cross-platform applications that run on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web.

Today's mobile app developers have a plethora of programming tools at their disposal for mobile apps creation. Flutter is one of such programming tools that has grown in popularity since its first release in 2017 especially due to the edge of being a cross-platform open-source SDK which makes it an easy pick for software developers to use a codebase that cuts across any mobile operating system and even web and desktop apps. 

The Flutter framework includes a software development kit (SDK) as well as a widget-based UI toolkit that includes reusable UI components such as sliders, buttons, and text inputs. 

Mobile app developers working with the Flutter framework will use the Dart programming language to create mobile applications. Dart is a typed object programming language with a syntax similar to JavaScript. 

Is Flutter a good choice? 
If this question is posed to any mobile app developer, I bet the response will be yes, it is a good choice. While there might be some reservations on some menus and commands, there are a good number of benefits to using Flutter. Examples of these are carefully examined below. 
4 Benefits of Flutter app as a good choice. 

Flutter app is a good choice for developers, having had the choice of cross-platform open-source which has afforded the same code to be utilized for both iOS and Android applications, such that development time is reduced. Flutter's unified codebase reduces time-to-market while also reducing unnecessary mobile app development costs, which makes Flutter a good choice for many. 

The performance of Flutter apps is comparable to that of native real-time applications. Flutter frameworks have an edge over others, as it does not require a bridge to communicate with native components, since these bridges often create performance difficulties in another framework. 

One of the unique features of Flutter being a good choice is the Hot reload functionality, which allows developers to update code for emulators, simulators, or actual devices in real-time. These codes are reloaded immediately when the program runs, such that you do not need to restart your system. In clear terms, the Hot reloads option makes it simpler than ever to design UIs [User Interface], to add functionality, and to correct problems.  

The Integrated Development Environment [IDE] provides vital tools for a program to aid the creation of applications. Software tools like a source code editor, debugger, interpreter, etc. are all integrated into the IDE to simplify software process development. 

In conclusion, the Flutter framework is a good choice anytime, since it offers mobile app developers and companies alike a range of options. With the same coding on a very user-friendly Graphic User Interface [GUI], building iOS and Android applications makes mobile app development fast to build while saving cost ultimately. 

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