Reasons why visitors won't come to your website

Reasons why visitors won't come to your website
If the Internet were to be a country, it would certainly be the most populated place in the world. With a staggering number of about 4 billion online users and even more users breezing in on a daily, a country like this could only be sustained virtually. 

It gets more interesting when you uncover the things that bring each user online, as this could vary from News, Business Transactions, Research, Gaming, and a host of others. May I delight you that we also have a daily growing number of websites out there? I’m talking over 2 billion websites from different industry and purposes, although further research had shown that only about 400 million are active, while others for whatever reasons have been inactive; this nonetheless does not change the effect that by the time you finish reading this article, about 1,500 new websites would be created. Now that’s something, right? 

This is the part where Brain [from the famous cartoons Pinky and the Brain] would say to Pinky: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering? Imagine having this large number of websites which a sizeable quadrant from them is rendering the same service as yours, perhaps even better. If this was to be a queue when would your website be considered? 

If the only path people come to your website is through the entry of the URL [Uniform Resource Locator] on the search bar, then you need to continue reading this article, as I would be sharing with you a professional tip on doing one more route and seeing much more flux on your website. 

3 Reasons why visitors won't come to your website

1. SEO
Search Engine Optimization is the whole essence of this article, its thoroughness and inclusion for any online business always birth a quantum leap in its trajectory of results. 

SEO cannot be over-emphasized for any online business; it is more like a eureka to the conventional model of an online presence. It is a grown-up tool that guarantees your dominance in the virtual world. If a business owner needs to be intentional and seeks exposure and increase in possible user interaction, a subject as significant as the SEO should never be shoved. 

Simply put, SEO is the calculated metric deployed in getting website pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing. This paves the way for any business owner since chances are higher to convert a user once the business owner’s website has been interfaced. 
While it would be best an SEO expert as The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai, carefully examines your aim and find the best tools to help achieve your goal as a business owner considering how robust this is, here are 3 focal points which are determinants to how your website ranks, they are: 

  1. LINKS: The ranking of a website in Google and other search engines is dominated by links from other websites. The rationale is that, as website owners are reluctant to connect to other websites of poor quality, a link can be considered as a quality vote from other websites. 
  2. PAGE STRUCTURE: As we know that web pages are written in HTML, therefore, how the HTML code is organized might affect a search engine's ability to analyze a page. Site owners can boost their site's SEO by including important keywords in the title, URL, and page headers, as well as ensuring that the site is crawlable. 
  3. CONTENT: The search engine also analyzes the content of a webpage in addition to glancing at links and page structure to decide whether it would be relevant for any search query. Much of SEO creates material that is geared to terms searched for by search engine users. This point is very sensitive and should be carefully considered. 

Your Domain name should be easy to remember and shouldn’t lengthy that it looks like a sentence on the URL page. Ensure that your brand/service is easily identified from the name to help with retention.  

So, the user remembers your Domain name and you have a good SEO tool, but what happens when we try to load your page and it takes almost forever to get it up? I’m out already! Or as a user, I tried accessing your website from my mobile phone and it’s all distorted. It’s a No! 

I will urge you to take out time to review SEO tools, techniques, and their dynamics or better yet seek an expert to carry out this sensitive task for your ease. 

For more tips on SEO techniques, Website ranking, Web design elements, Web Development in London, Digital Marketing, and SEO tools, you can always trust The Watchtower, the best and award-winning Web Development Company in Dubai. 

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