Is the Google UX design certificate worth getting?

Is the Google UX design certificate worth getting?
There is power in a name, and if you doubt that, then you could say branding is a hoax. Over the years, unwritten laws have shown us that there is power in association; this means that people who associate with a certain entity are perceived to show a semblance in their actions or service, as the case may be.  

In the bid to get better in a place of skill, there is a need to buff up knowledge through education in institutions, reading materials, or taking courses that earn one a certificate after completion. 

From the many renowned names in the industry, Google has been intentional about the provision of online courses for every possible category of skill or information a person requires. Among the endless list of subjects, there has been a grapevine on whether getting the UX design certificate from Google is worth it. 

Before we go any further, it is only succinct that you know that The Watchtower is the engine behind this fascinating post.  

What is a Google UX design certificate? 

The Google UX Design Certificate is a unique, recognized program with several practical applications. Each module is created to assist inexperienced user experience (UX) design professionals in understanding the area of UX design, gaining knowledge of skill sets that are in demand, and positioning themselves for new employment in the UX design industry. 

It is regarded as a worthy choice to garner professional skills in the world of UX design. 

Is the Google UX design certificate worth getting? 

When answering a question like this, the twist would be if Google is a credible name to trust, and if you already have your answer, then that answers your inquiry. However, here is some extra information to help you clarify your choice.  

The Google UX design certificate is credible and offers materials that can set one up for less than USD 200 through the entire duration of the study. Depending on the energy of the participant, you can only gain good knowledge from how much effort one puts in to learn. However, you are guaranteed educative learning materials, including peer-reviewed assignments and projects, which allows one to see what others are working on.
The course modules are compressed into bits that accommodate the user to not only join remotely but also be completed within or less than 6 months. 

Is Google UX design certification free? 

No, it is not free. It comes at a reasonable fee for a professional certification listed on online platforms, and with less than a monthly fee of $40.00, you get to enjoy it. 

Considering the duration of the course and the materials that would be provided, you can rest assured that you will get a worthwhile education for the price paid. 

Can one get a job with a Google UX design certificate? 

Please note that the Google UX design certificate will equip you with the necessary dose of skills you require.  

Although in most cases, depending on the mode of employment, basic education and a degree would be required from an organization, if contacted based on a referral and the job is remote, all that is required is your skill, which has been acquired from the knowledge gained. All that is left is for your skills to deliver the job as agreed. 

Since there are no rules to how people are hired for a job, especially in the times we live in, your proficiency in UX design would certainly be an edge for you, taking away from the certification from Google. 

Where can I access the Google UX design certification? 

Just like most certification courses out there, the Google UX design certification is available on Coursera for your ease. 

In conclusion, the Google UX design certificate is a worthy certification to earn, as it is not just credible but also worth every dollar invested. Please note that this is not tied to just the brand, but the quality of resources you are assured of gaining. You can also conduct your research where necessary for validation. 

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