What is Pencil Project used for?

What is Pencil Project used for?
In the business practice of visual representation of intended design or sample, a good way to help stakeholders better understand your idea or creativity is with the use of a mock-up.  

A mock-up is a computer-aided replica of the intended creative which is aided by web design software tools that leverage how the graphic designer can review, relate and interpret intended design [at conceptualization stage by self or client] via a Graphical User Interface.

One of the most considered graphical design software used for mock-up is the Pencil project, and this article will tell you some of the reasons why, likewise, we would also consider Evolus and Wireframe pencil as well.

What is Mock-up?
While pulling this article up, I checked out to sample views on my objects just like every other write up, and the best definition for Mock-up happens to be that of Webster dictionary which defines it as a full-sized structural model built to scale chiefly for study, testing, or display.

In simpler terms, Mock-up is a sample design of what the output would be, usually open for amendments where necessary. This could be via a computer-aided design or other means.

What is Pencil project?
Pencil Project is an open-source GUI prototype tool that allows developers to produce mockups for a variety of desktop platforms. Using the built-in shapes library, teams may create a variety of user experiences ranging from desktop to mobile platforms with Pencil Project.

Pencil Project is simple to set up, as it allows designers to better plan, sketch, evaluate, and complete their ideas utilizing a variety of elements such as common shapes, basic web elements, Sketchy GUI, stencils, and more. 

What is Pencil project used for?
Just as we have pointed out the Pencil project is a free to access and use prototype tool that finds great use in the creation of Mock-ups for review or presentation where necessary.

With Pencil project program, you can have a visual representation of creatives as intended by the client or self, and then have objects corrected to serve the client or self if applicable.

How do you make a pencil project?
Making a pencil project is quite fun, especially when there are no charges to its ownership, as the Pencil project is free. With its user-friendly platform, Pencil project is easy to use and will work on all platforms or could be installed as a Firefox extension. 

Pencil project package is completely self-contained on Linux, which means you could extract the archive and then commence use in your space. No doubt, Pencil is a feature-rich program that can export its work in a variety of forms, from PDF, JPEG, down to OpenOffice documents.

Making Pencil project requires floating windows and toolbars that can be docked and undocked from the main window, export templates, preserve personal collections, depending on the creativity and purpose of the user.

What is Evolus pencil?
Evolus Pencil is a free and open-source graphical user interface prototyping tool that can be simply installed and used for the creation of mock-ups that enjoys compatibility on a variety of desktop platforms. 

The pencil includes well-known drawing elements which simplify drawing, making the user interface a home. 

Since I'm feeding you with the information, let it also be known that Pencil 2.0.5 is the most recent stable release, and it is available in native installation versions for all major desktop systems including Firefox add-on.

What is a Wireframe?
Wireframes are digital representations of a website's, applications, or another piece of user-facing software's structure and fundamental operation. Wireframes have been observed more sensitive to the functional and user experience design process since they help the audience better comprehend and define how a program would work before the main project.

How do you use a Wireframe pencil?
With the clear definition of Wireframe as seen above, after you've figured out what your customer wants, you'll want to do some research on the issue to help you understand it better.

  1. Create a user flow and double-check that it's well-planned.
  2. If there's one rule to remember in Wireframe, it's this: Draft, but don't sketch. Sketches, on the other hand, do not serve as illustrations.
  3. Proceed with the test after adding some flesh to the item for added detail.
  4. Please begin turning the wireframes into prototypes after the test is done.
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