What is reciprocal links SEO?

What is reciprocal links SEO?
Respect, they say is reciprocal; something like golden words that cuts across all spheres in reasoning, but would this mean the same for reciprocal links in SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization is a practical and intentional procedure that enables a domain name to gain authority and increase its ranking upon Search Engine Related Pages [SERP] through respecting certain procedures like keywords infused in creative content writing, long-tail words, geo-tagging, and the likes. Easy to say that respect again wins in the business of reciprocal links SEO. 

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No business owner can thrive on the digital space relying on just a hearty service or guaranteed product; there is a need for more visibility, engagement, and a need to understand the metrics of your domain name. I bet you get the picture already, so let’s get deep into today’s topic with reciprocal links SEO. 

What is a reciprocal link? 
Reciprocal links, in reality, are more than a simple trade arrangement between two websites. Some schools of thought believe that receiving a link without reciprocating is nearly unavoidable in today's world, but that’s not a conversation for today’s article. 

Reciprocal links are links that are traded between the proprietors of two websites. Such that you're obtaining links from other individuals in exchange for connecting back to their pages or resources from your website's content or guest posts on other websites' blogs. 

What is reciprocal linking? 
Perhaps reciprocal linking is almost similar to the sub-topic stated above, asides from the gerund which signifies present continuous. [where are my English majors here?] 

Reciprocal linking is the process of linking a domain to another domain, such that two webmasters agree to each host a link to the other's website on their websites. Reciprocal links are domain links that demonstrate a connection between two websites while also providing viewers with rapid access to a connected site. 

Are reciprocal links bad? 
Outrightly, reciprocal links are not bad a strategy to utilize, reciprocal links are healthy for any domain. The caveat to this could be when the website/domain name linked with yours has nothing beneficial or related to yours. This could mean that the audience where you are linked may not consider your services, however, the good part is you still enjoy authority in the domain, likewise increased ranking for your SEO. 

Are reciprocal links bad for SEO? 
Reciprocal links are healthy for SEO as a strategy, however, where you should worry and it is considered bad is if you're attempting to influence search results by swapping links, your website might be punished by Google. 

What is a reciprocal link URL?  
The acronym URL means Uniform Resource Locator which signifies a portion from a website by the use of a link as a web page. Reciprocal link URL is therefore the web page link provided by a creator that would be added to another website or domain address as agreed for reciprocal linking. 

The reciprocal link URL is the link attached to the other domain to show the content of the other domain as agreed by both domain owners.
What are reciprocal sites?  
Reciprocal sites aim at having a reciprocal agreement or a memorandum with an internal or external entity for a common goal as seeking authority in the digital space. This agreement enables the two groups to support one another. 

Are link exchanges bad for SEO? 
Saying it as plain as it ought to, link exchanges were designed to be a good move for SEO, however, it has been observed that the credibility of link exchanges has been dowsed and no longer holds water as it used to.  

The impact was that Google discovered this defect from their end, and then discounted the authority that comes with link exchanges because it was a manipulated domain authority in comparison to how legitimate the service/product of the other domain is/was.

So, while link exchanges are considered a good tool for SEO, it is not enough parameter to base the credibility of a domain decided by Google’s analytics. 
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