7 Confirmed Ways to Get Rid of That Stubborn Fat

7 Confirmed Ways to Get Rid of That Stubborn Fat
Some things are rather too obvious for us to miss; constant things like the traffic light and other not-so-considered things like knowing there is no apple in the pineapple. 

While you cannot force your body to burn fat, there are some simple steps you can take to encourage a tiny amount of additional fat loss. Some of these steps are rather unexpected. 

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you some confirmed ways to get rid of that stubborn fat you have long dreaded. By the way, this post was made possible by The Watchtower-Web Design Agency Dubai. 

What are the contributors to weight loss? 

Of course, the main contributors to weight loss are calorie consumption, physical activity, and good nutrition. But did you know that chewing gum, and enjoying music can all increase your daily calorie burn? 

7 confirmed ways to get rid of that stubborn fat. 

1. Chew slowly. 
According to research published in Nature's Scientific Reports in December 2021, eating slowly is a good way to manage your hunger. Additionally, due to oral stimulation, slower chewing can boost diet-induced thermogenesis (calorie burning) after meals. 

Because of this, the authors highlight that it's a useful strategy for preventing obesity. 

You may feel fuller for longer if you chew your food slowly. According to a short study published in Nutrients in December 2018, participants who ate more slowly experienced a greater rise in fullness after meals and consumed fewer snacks throughout the day. 

2. Drink coffee. 
Caffeine is one of the meals and substances that affect body temperature more than others. It has been shown that caffeine aids in calorie burning. 

This thermic effect can continue for up to 150 minutes after consuming a single dose of caffeine.
Researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health discovered that obese adults who consumed four cups of coffee per day experienced a 4% decrease in body fat. 

3. Engage in activities. 
According to the Mayo Clinic, non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), or any activity you undertake during the day without exercising, can help you burn an additional 100 to 800 calories each day. More fat will be burned if you move around when working at a desk, go from room to room, garden, play with your kids, etc. 

4. Exercise 
Exercise has been proven to be a sure way to burn calories and enhance general fitness. 

However, a recent review of twenty participants in a brief May 2015 study published in Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise, performed sprint intervals both with and without music.
It was discovered that listening to music while exercising improved both their performance and satisfaction. 

Music can motivate you to work harder and possibly longer, burning more calories and adding more muscle to your body. So put on some excellent headphones, start the music, and start moving. 

5. Drink iced water. 
Did you know that, according to the University of Washington, drinking one cup of cold water results in an 8-calorie burn over drinking the same amount of water at room temperature? This occurs as a result of your body exerting a bit more effort to raise the water's temperature to that of a healthy body temperature. 

So, 10 cups would only add 80 more calories to your diet, which is quite negligible when compared to other food groups.

6. Chewing gum 
According to a study published in The Journal of Physical Therapy Science in January 2018, people who walk and chew gum expend more energy than those who don't.
Gum has been demonstrated to boost post-meal fullness and may also reduce high-carb eating in between meals. It was a brief study that was published in Physiology and Behavior in March 2016. 

7. Try a cold temperature. 
A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism evaluated 31 individuals at temperatures of 75 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and the results revealed that 24 of the volunteers' energy consumption rose as the temperature changed from warm to cold.
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