Breast Reconstruction Surgery - The Crucial Role & Impact of a Skilled Plastic Surgeon

Breast Reconstruction Surgery - The Crucial Role & Impact of a Skilled Plastic Surgeon

Although most people look upon plastic surgeons for their skills in cosmetic surgery that enhance the overall appearance, they also play a critical role in reconstructive surgeries, especially breast reconstruction surgeries. Plastic surgery is integral to cancer care in patients with breast cancer who have to undergo mastectomy or breast removal. Breast cancer poses the most difficult challenge to women because not only must they have the courage to fight the disease but also dare to face the world after breast removal. Breast removal has a substantial psychological impact on women who feel inferior after losing their womanhood. 


To overcome the mental agony of living without breasts, they can opt for    WC Ong Plastic Reconstructive Surgery and undergo breast reconstruction post-mastectomy. Anyone can experience the surgical procedure to regain her confidence and ensure wellbeing.


Breast Reconstruction needs Special Knowledge and Skills

Plastic surgeons who double as breast surgeons undertake breast reconstruction must have special knowledge and skills that meet specific international standards of cancer care. They are usually a member of the team of doctors treating cancer patients and must have the necessary training certification for conducting the particular type of surgery. Breast reconstruction surgeons are a new breed of plastic surgeons who can efficiently manage the complexities of modern breast surgery. To attain the skills and knowledge, reconstructive surgeons must undergo extensive training of 4-6 years as resident surgeons to help them become field specialists.


Continuous Professional Development

As medical science is evolving rapidly, the dimensions of breast reconstruction surgery are also changing fast. Obtaining a certification in breast reconstruction surgery is only the beginning of the journey. Regularly updating the knowledge and skills of a reconstructive surgeon is necessary to stay up-to-date with the evolving best practices. Continuous professional development is essential for breast surgeons who should apply for re-certification after every five years, which bears testimony to their commitment to the cause of cancer patients. The re-certification involves attending regular courses of high quality free from commercial bias.


A Strong Commitment to Patient Care

Besides professional knowledge and skills, breast surgeons must be firmly committed to evaluating patients and taking proper care of those suffering from the mental trauma of breast removal. Breast surgeons must assure patients of regaining everyday life after breast reconstruction surgery and even counsel them to come to terms with the newly constructed breasts that can replicate the looks of the lost breasts. Besides improving the patient's appearance, the procedure takes care of scarring and improves mental health, which aids patients' overall wellbeing in the long run. After breast reconstruction surgeries, cancer patients regain their dignity, confidence, and self-esteem, which took a hit when they agreed to undergo mastectomy.


Breast reconstruction surgeons must be sensitive to the expectations and sentiments of patients and have enough skills to ensure the symmetrization of breasts by matching the shape and size of the new breast with the existing one. The task is not easy, and surgeons assume the role of expert sculptors to create new breasts that look and feel natural.

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