Front and Back End Development Trends to Watch in 2022

Front and Back End Development Trends to Watch in 2022
Before time became, either through the big bang theory or the place of divinity, the best man could see was what he could see at a glance. Fast forward to the birth of the internet era in 1983, the world became a closer village which aided globalization and the many miracles that came with it. 

As the world gradually evolves daily, there is a need to be conscious of activities, especially things surrounding our field of expertise to avoid being left out. More importantly, the aftereffect of one not being updated on trends as a digital marketer, mobile app/web developer, a programmer, or what have you could be colossal when your competitors have heard, updated, and probably copped your clients. Not good right? 

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Well, today, I will be highlighting some trends in both front-end and back-end programming that you need to pay extra watch on this 2022. 

What is Front end development?
To have a good savour of the scoop, I feel the need to explain what Front end development/programming or a Front End Developer is to better understand the stories around the trend. 

Front-end development is sometimes referred to as client-side development because it is the part where the client/user gets to see on their interface, more like the output. Front end development is the process of creating HTML [Hyper Text Mark-Up Language], CSS [Cascading Style Sheets], and JavaScript for a website or Web application so that a user can view and interact with it directly. 

What is Back-end development? 
Back-end Server-side development is referred to as server-side development. This usually has the Databases, programming, and website architecture all covered. Back-end development refers to the actions that take place behind the scenes when a user performs a certain action on a website. Back-end developers' scripts that enable browsers to connect with database information are an excellent example. 

This might be anything from logging into an account or making a purchase from an online business; back-end development are the strings of codes that ensure every fetch or execute request initiated by the user is met with a corresponding result. 

Front and Back-end development trends to watch out for in 2022. 
1. Progressive Web Applications 
Progressive web applications (PWAs) in their most recent incarnation are here to replace web apps for good, even though this is not a new trend for 2022. PWAs speed up the loading of websites and may even be used offline in apps like Google Maps, and the likes. In the year 2022, we are bound to see more of PWAs being used by companies than just Uber, and Twitter, but more converts evolving to the new direction to improve user experience. 

2. AI
Artificial Intelligence [AI] has been gaining buzz, right? Well, I think not enough as much as innovation intends to explore. In modern-day AI, we have seen every new technology emerge with the introduction of AI to make their work process more seamless than it ought to, even in both Front-end and Back-end development. 

You had better brace up, as AI chatbots are predicted to become even more complex in 2022, employing machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval techniques to suit the demands of users and match their behaviour. 

3. Serverless Architecture
As the world daily seeks a seamless process of computing remotely, serverless architecture has been considered and adapted for certain business brands already to make them efficient and have zero worries of memory space and similar paraphernalia. 

Serverless technology is built on cloud computing and allows customers to run code for almost any form of application or backend service with minimal management. If you are seeking validation, here is a good enough reason to brace yourself for Serverless Architecture that does not need extra provision, server management, or an upgrade of servers. 

4. Native Cybersecurity Inclusion
Heard of Ransomware? Well, again, one of the most pressing problems for 2022 is cybersecurity, which is the technique of protecting data, networks, and computers from unauthorized access.  

People need to be constantly reminded that every business, regardless of size, or years of expertise is still vulnerable. Hackers are constantly on the rise to obtaining personal information such as complete names, emails, and phone numbers. However, 2022 will have a good show of cybersecurity measures that goes beyond just analytics and monitoring. 
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