How Live Streaming Can Influence the Future of Marketing

How Live Streaming Can Influence the Future of Marketing
Yes, the outbreak of the COVID-19 came with a thorn across the globe, [and may God comfort the family of those who lost someone] from individuals being restricted while trying to get their daily bread, down to corporate bodies, both entities had to review, realign and adjust to the new world order or risk the chance of being obsolete, and lose revenue. 

Well, you know some of these tales, a great quadrant in this pol chose the first set of options. This led to an avalanche of newbies, and veterans testing the water on social media platforms to continue engagement with their stakeholders. The marketing game via the social media platform came alive. 

The likes of Thriller and TikTok applications were considered initially for the cruise. what others regard as a good way to pass time during the lockdown; however, this became fuel for marketing after observing how viable a tool they were. 

Today, a dive into how live streaming can influence the future of marketing will be addressed in this article, likewise, would we consider if live streaming is digital or otherwise. 

What is Marketing? 
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Marketing is the practice of deliberately generating demand for the sale of goods and services, which is designed to identify a target audience.

While there are different angles to how you choose to go about conveying your message, or which channel and type you consider, the end game is to equip the audience with enough information that they feel comfortable with the idea of your service/good which translates to a conversion, close in sale/service and referrals. 

As mentioned, there are different forms of marketing, but they still share the same goal: reach out to a set audience. For today’s article, we will beam more light on Digital Marketing, which is the new sensation. 

What is Digital Marketing? 
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Digital marketing is the promotion of content to connect with a target audience using the internet and other digital communication channels.

Digital marketing is often regarded as Online marketing since it leverages digital communication tools like email, social media, web-based advertising, multimedia messages, and the likes to convey a message. 

What is live streaming marketing? 
Live streaming marketing is the use of streaming technology that permits the user to create and share videos in real-time via social media platforms for marketing.   

With live streaming marketing, you would require stable internet service, a device that captures your live video, your content [what you choose to say or showcase], and a prospective audience at the receiving end. 

Some examples of platforms that embrace streaming marketing technology are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

Is live-streaming digital marketing?  
Live streaming is a form of digital marketing since it requires an internet service, and it happens to be an online experience. 

Live streaming as a digital marketing tool has been considered and consumed by the large populace, especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 and the control measures to contain its spread. Business brands and individual crafts have stayed relevant, gained traction, increased views, and monetized what would have been earlier taken as a pastime. 

Live streaming is a golden digital marketing tool that has proven effective in all cadre, as it gives room for transparency, among other checks that the audience has ticked in their subconscious. 

What is the impact of live streaming?  
Statistics don’t fail, right? It has been proven that users tend to watch live videos 10 to 20 times longer than on-demand programming, according to Forrester. This data makes live broadcasts far more interesting than other sorts of material, allowing one to create a genuine impression on the audience. 

Why is live streaming good for marketing? 
 With the weight of innovation on the digital space, it has been observed that Live video is altering the way businesses communicate with their customers and is no longer a novelty for marketers.  

What most people don’t know is that a live video approach attracts viewers in a way that other social media forms cannot: it is immediate and real. And advertisers are taking notice, with 28% planning to increase their live streaming spending due to the traffic observed in the process. 

 My final words: If you are a business brand or a marketer, there is a need to get your game up by taking a dip into the use of live streaming for your marketing campaign, and I bet you to get an increase in conversion and close of sale/service. 
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