How To Bypass Credit Card Verification To Access Premium SEO Tools Plan

How To Bypass Credit Card Verification To Access Premium SEO Tools Plan
Many software and programs today require premium verification. In SEO, many essential programs come at a cost, and that is why it prevents many marketers and writers from taking advantage of these tools. However, not everything is gloomy, as there is a way to bypass this system.

Many people use bogus or generated credit card information to use these programs’ trial versions without having to pay. 

Since a majority of said tools offer free trials, they only do so once taking your credit or debit card information. That’s why many people use this bypassing system.

But, what exactly is it? How does it work? Moreover, is it even ethical to do so? That’s why it’s essential to understand this process and find out the answers. So, let’s get started. 

Why Bypass Credit Card Verification?
Various software and programs require verified registration. This registration doesn’t cost you anything upfront, but it does require you to pay up after a month’s trial usage or so. 

SEO tools aren’t too different from this, as apps need you to register with your credit card information.

Not many people are comfortable sharing their personal information like that with every tool. 

Moreover, a trial-based or testing premium usage requiring credit card info upfront doesn’t sound suitable to many people. 

That’s when bypassing credit card information comes in handy.

In this process, the software or app user signs up for the tool without disclosing their credit card information. 

It allows them to use the program for up to a month or the entitled trial period. This info generated by online card generators is very accurate, allowing this bypassing.

So, unless you’re willing to pay upfront for an app or tool you may not want to use in the future, you need these tools. 

And bypassing information like this also allows you to test multiple tools at a time. That’s one of the fundamental reasons many professionals in SEO use this tactic and test apps before buying them. 

Is It Ethical?
The lingering question around bypassing credit card information is whether it’s legal or not. Unless someone uses them for fraudulent intentions, there’s nothing about this process that’s unethical. It’s one of the easiest and most ethical ways you can trust tools with your (bogus) credit card info.

So, if someone’s not using them for wrong intentions, such as scamming or buying something without paying, there’s nothing wrong with it. ECommerce stores and websites use these credit card generators to try their payment systems.

Using An Online Card Generator
You have the tool you wish to use but cannot get past its sign-up process. So, what do you do? Use a credit card generator. While the procedure itself is straightforward, you do need to keep a few things in mind.

So, to help you understand the way of using an online card generator, here are four steps you will have to take:

1. Find A Credit Card Generator 
To use such a program properly, you must find a good credit card generator available online. There are hundreds of such cc generators that have their features and uses. But we had listed two of the best random card generators below to prevent you from searching.

Prepostseo is one of the best cc generators on the internet. As it allows you two versions, basic and advanced. You can pick various information in the advanced version, such as card brand, country, CVV or CVV2, etc. 

Text Reverse:
Text Reverse is another standard CC generator. It is recommended due to its uncommon visuals and amazing work.

Regardless of which program you choose, both are proven to help SEO experts sign up on various tools and use free trials. 

2. Generate Credit Card Numbers
The basic version of credit card generators allows you to pick a few options: card brand, expiry month, expiry year, CVV/CVV2, and quantity. The advanced version provides way more opportunities, and that’s why you need to pick them correctly.

For instance, a tool may only accept American Express credit cards. That’s why you need to pick the card brand in the advanced version. Then, select the country and the bank. Then, it’s the same as the basic version, such as expiry month, expiry year, etc.

You can also pick the number of cards you need and the supposed money within them. Then, generate the card numbers once you think the information you put is accurate. It might take 5-10 seconds, depending on the quantity. 

3. Pick The Tool You Want
Now you get to pick the tool you wish to use, or you might already have. Some devices, as mentioned above, will only accept credit cards from certain companies, such as American Express, AURA, etc. Therefore, you need to find this out before you generate credit card numbers.
Moreover, you need to pick the essential tool for your SEO needs. So, you can select various tools if you like. This will allow you to sign up on numerous platforms with one credit card information.

4. Sign Up For The Tool
Once you try to use premium SEO tools, they will prompt you to sign up and access exclusive features. 

Then, make sure you sign up with a bogus or pseudo email to bypass the tool’s sign-up process. Finally, when prompted, input the information you generated.

This will conclude the sign-up process, as you will have to finish the process by verifying through your email. 

Once again, try not to use your own personal or professional email. As it would help you avoid any trouble whatsoever. 

Then, all you need to do is keep using the program or change the credit card info you end up liking. If not, then you can still use the program with generated information. 

This way of bypassing specific SEO tools is a common practice among experts. So, you can use it without worrying about its ethical nature, as it’s completely legal. 
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