How Can I Avoid Google Penalties?

How Can I Avoid Google Penalties?
Don’t you love the sight of lawn tennis players in their matching sports kits like the sneakers to their hand band or face cap as the case may be, uh? The reverse part to this is that despite how high-end these tennis stars are, how expensive their gears cost, or even the endorsements they currently have running, they still have the umpire to decide their fate. 

Imagine there are no penalties? that means there are no rules then. This means that for every rule created or set of guidelines provided is to guide and shield people, there are penalties for defaulters.  

Google, like the umpire in lawn tennis, controls the affairs of the digital media, especially those considering to increase their domain authority and seek a higher ranking in their Search Engine Related Pages [SERP]. 

In today’s piece, we shall consider how you can avoid Google Penalties in the digital marketing space. 

What are Google penalties? 
A Google penalty indicates that your site is no longer featured in search results or that your rating for your chosen keywords has plummeted. By all standards, a Google Penalty is a ranking penalty imposed on a website as a result of changes to Google's search algorithms either. 

Once it is observed that your domain has either flouted a Google update, the spam team from Google would identify a problem with your website and take direct action. This usually leads to an automatic decline in ranks as a result of a Google algorithm update, likewise, less traffic is seen on your domain. In both circumstances, you have been served a Google penalty. 

How do I get Google Penalties? 
Compared to the game of football where when served a penalty, it is in your favour, especially if at the box 18. This feat has defined several wins for football clubs and teams, as they celebrate wins or have the opportunity of reclaiming glory. But SEO [Search Engine Optimization] may differ from a game of leisure. 

In the digital media, SEO has a defining role in how domains have authority, as this has to be earned genuinely by all metrics set by Google, and if observed that the webmaster has manually influenced their ranking either by providing thin information or duplicate content, a Google penalty would be served, likewise, if observed that the backlinks created are spam just to increase domain authority, you will be served either a Panda or a Penguin as the case may be. 

What actions carry a Google penalty? 
A Google penalty is imposed when your website/domain name is found to violate Google's webmaster rules. The most prevalent reason for a Google penalty is spammy link creation with the intent of manipulating SERP search results. A website/domain name is frequently lowered in search results or eliminated when a Google penalty happens in digital media. 

How does Google detect paid links? 
So, here is how it works: Google usually runs a timely update on domains, and in the process searches like reviewing authorities and contents are carried out synchronously. If observed in the process of running these updates that the website or domain has flouted any of the webmaster’s rules, Google immediately detects and down goes your authority. 

Google detects paid links when either of the Google algorithm penalties are initiated. These are The Panda and the Penguin. 

What links trigger Google penalty? 
Spammy links trigger Google penalty always. This occurs when links created are doctored just serve an authority boost for a domain instead of providing quality content and no false backlinks to a domain, especially when initiating a reciprocal link. 

How can I avoid Google Penalties? 
Just as I stated in the analogy above, to enjoy your game, avoid breaking the rules of the webmaster in this context. Examples are seen below. 
1. Things that consist of cutting corners against organic authority or domain authority to increase your ranking should not be considered.  
2. Backlinks that you cannot vouch for should or run services contrary to the content provided should be avoided. 
3. If you have to initiate a Reciprocal link, ensure the domain is genuine and won’t be a reason for a Google penalty. 
4. Ensure to provide quality content for your organic authority. 
5. Spamming links should never be an option to boost your authority. 

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